is it worth applying for an audition if there are 20 or more replies?

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asked in Auditions by mtibbs (370 points)

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My personal cutoff is around 60 replies, but remember, you will move ahead of anyone who has a voice match score lower than you, regardless of when they auditioned.  For example, if I audition before you, but my voice match score is 85% and yours is 95%, you will jump ahead of me in the listening line.  So if you are a good fit for the spot, go ahead and audition.  I still audition, even if there are 60 voices ahead of me, if I am a great fit for the job.  And I've booked a few of those.
answered by deborahsalebutler (22,000 points)
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Yes! I've booked spots that had over 100 replies when I sent my audition in- it all depends on how much the client wants to listen to, and how much your VoiceMatch score bumps you up. But sometimes, you'll book a spot even if you're last in line! Getting in early certainly helps, but you're not dead in the water if you're submitting to a crowded audition.
answered by mlenti (12,820 points)