any tips on auditioning for jobs quickly?

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what are some good organizational strategies for a new vo actor?
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I find it helpful to have my copy up on the same screen as my recording program, so I can quickly read and record without having to print out anything.  I use Logic, so I just copy and paste the sample copy into the "notes" section, but when I used Garage Band, I'd just copy the text into "Text Edit" then shrink the box to run beside my Garage Band window (so no toggling/lag time).  Give a good read, listen back, make adjustments and take out anything that might sound clunky (giant sucking breath, mouth click after a word, etc.), then send it.  You need to get this process down to under 10 minutes per audition so you can up your numbers.
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I use two monitors so I can have my recording software up on one and my script on the other. Also if you ad anything to you audition set up some presets so you can ad them quickly.
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