How can I get professionals script writing done over and What is the cost?

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I have a Online Product for which I want to prepare animated introduction videos.

For the same I need Voice over and Script Writing Done. Can you I get both these services at And what will be the cost for the same.

Secondly I also have 30-40 Voiceovers done for Dental Education videos. I would require same script writing and Voice over service using Dental Terminologies.

Looking forward to hear from you.

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Kamal -

Talents on this site are primarily voice-actors, but many of us offer other services as well.  Establish your budget and post your job to request both services.  For example, you could provide content and ask the talent to write and record one to two paragraphs.  As a rate guide, you might try per/word.  For example, if I charge $.75/word to write and .20/word to record and your project is about 2500 words, it would cost 2,375.00 for writing and recording combined.  Think about how many pages of copy you might be looking for. There are about 273 words per page.  For example, 5 pages of copy is about 1,365 words.  The total writing cost, based on the above per-word rate, for a 5 page job would be approximately $1296.75 plus the 10% escrow fee for  If your budget is lower, post the highest range and see if there is a talent willing to do both on a per-project rate within your budget.
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Hello Deborah,

Thanks for the response. Is our communication over here or public. I would like to share more job details to get exact quote. What do you suggest best method to reach you.

This is a public forum. You can send a private request to me via