When the budget isn't a range how should I enter that in the quote fields?

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Say a job is listed as $200 flat and doesn't say whether or not it includes escrow.  Obviously, when they say it includes escrow I know to put their number in the client total box.  But when there is no clarification, should I just assume they know about the escrow and put, in this case, the $200 in the Your Fee box?

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Generally, if the client's budget is $200, they're saying that that's all they have to pay for the VO, so it would be the Client's Total, as they probably have their 'VO budget' to include both paying you, and paying Voices.

But I say, go with whatever you feel more comfortable with. If you're fine with doing the job for $200 with the escrow taken out, then put that in the Client's Total box. If it's a big job that you'd rather get a little more for, put the $200 in the Your Fee box. Who knows, the client might be willing to spend the extra 10% to get you, especially if Voices has put the 'the client has been notified they may get quotes outside of their budget' message on the job.
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