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For some reason I cannot edit my audition on the app.

After a recording, I hit the pencil icon and the recording turns grey, ok. I can get that far. So I highlight the portion that I want to further examine using the grey bar. No problem.

Then I hit the green checkmark where it asks if I want to trim, and answer yes.

So now I am into the highlighted area.  I see the marker on the left I can move horizontally but all I can do button wise is hit record. There is no way to mark any start or finish. This is where I cannot edit.  I must be missing something because nothing seems to be able to be cut or trimmed.  Once I hit the pencil icon it takes me back out to the recording in its long form.

help me obi wan
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The ability to edit auditions via the Voices.com app is limited to trimming the beginning or end of the recorded material by dragging the greyed section. Subsequent taps on the edit button will return you to the long form to permit you to reset these trim points.
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