when should i request release of payment?

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I usually wait a week until after the files have been delivered and approved, to give them time to review the files and post any necessary pickups.  Then I click the "release payment" button.  Sometimes the client will see it and want revisions first.  If a client doesn't respond with payment within the week, I'll send a nice message, like "I'm just following up on the files sent last week, if everything is working for you, please take a moment to press the "release payment" button on the job.  Thank you!"  Often clients think that once they've deposited the money, we have it.  If the client goes a long time without reply, you may attempt to contact them directly via the contact information under the "Payments" section of the job.  If that doesn't work, Customer Support can initiate release of payment.  In close to 200 jobs on this site, I've only had to ask for release via Customer support 3 times.
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I usually request payment as soon as I send the completed files however, part of my agreement with my client is my edit coverage policy. So even though they release payment I cover edits or copy changes for a certain amount of time. So far I have had to only use Customer Service once to release payment and that was because the client was promoted out of their position into another one with the company and the replacement dropped the ball.
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