Have you ever been awarded a job without getting a "thumbs up" flag?

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asked in Jobs by markw51 (350 points)

3 Answers

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Good morning Mark!
Nearly 40% of the jobs I have been awarded and completed through voices.com never got a thumbs up, so it happens!
Good luck!
answered by DRVoices (210 points)
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Yep, a lot of the time! Looking in my completed jobs tag, about 2 out of every 5 jobs didn't have a 'thumbs up' flag when it was awarded! Some clients just don't use the 'likes' feature.
answered by mlenti (18,460 points)
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That just means they didn't bother to mark you (or maybe anyone) as one of their "favorite" auditions before selecting you.
answered by HalfNote5 (6,310 points)