Pre-Amp to Laptop Connection?

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I have a Compaq running Vista and am purchasing a  Focusrite ISA One Microphone Preamp and a Rode NT1A Anniversary Vocal Condenser Microphone. I need to know what type of connector is best to use from the pre-amp to the laptop.
asked in Home Recording by jpsavala (210 points)

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If you are dead set on purchasing a Focusrite product, why not purchase an audio interface that uses USB from Focusrite? This would solve the connection problem. Also, what type of DAW are you using to edit your audio? Lastly, and most importantly, what are you main purpose for using this mic and preamp e.g. voice over, podcast, singing? I mainly do VO and voicetracking for radio. So I have a Behringer 10 Channel USB Mixer that goes right into my computer no adapters or additional connections needed. This also helps reduce noise that may come from having multiple connections in your mic chain.
answered by rrpcreative (470 points)
Hi rrpcreative, thanks for the feedback. My DAW is Sony Acid Pro. I am checking into a Focusrite USB interface -  not sure what to get. I will be doing V/O, podcasting and some singing.