Microphone arm recommendations?

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Hi all!

So, I recently bought a crown-jewel for my home studio, a Neumann microphone. I also bought a microphone arm to attach to the desk and hold the mic.

Unfortunately, after putting the microphone in the arm, it drooped all the way down to the desk- the arm wasn't strong enough to hold onto the mic, which is decently heavy. So, my question is, to those who have microphone arms in their studios- what arm do you recommend?
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Instead of an arm, you might want to look at something like this:


I use a Blue Yeti USB mic and in order to make it the right height on my desk, I use a small box under the stand (actually the box that my iphone came in is the perfect height.  I adjust my CHAIR to the mic height and it works great.  I use an ergonomic kneeling chair on wheels that can be ratcheted up or down.  For games or animation, I place the mic on a higher box and stand, so I can put more into the character.  

Hope that helps!
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Huh, interesting! I actually have something like that already that I use when travelling, but I didn't want to use it for my home studio for fear of vibrations from the desk. I also thought an arm would make it easier to position the mic when reading from different sources, which is the main reason I wanted one.
The box decouples the mic from your desk, so there are no vibrations.  And I use Logic, which allows me to past the copy in the window next to my editing program, so I'm reading from my laptop every time.  Before Logic, I'd transfer the copy to TextEdit, which allows me to size the text window and keep it open next to my audio window without toggling back and forth.