how should the second take differ from the first one when sending in an audition MP3?

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I'd like to know how the takes should differ?  One of my coaches said that the 1st one is for them and the 2nd one is for you.  However, I find that I just make the second sound more conversational or I change the person that I'm talking to so that it has a different relationship or perspective.
  What is your take on the "second take"?
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It really depends on what you're auditioning for.  You may change the relationship, make the second read more casual, faster, more measured, funnier, etc.  But the bottom line is, really look at the product, the client and what they need.  You may only need to do one take, if it really pretty clear.  But you can see if there is something in the copy that suggests a slightly different read that what was requested and make THAT your second take.
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