I have the technique, now how do I start a career

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Hi all.  My name is Michael.  I'm 23 years old and just graduated with a performance degree in theatre at Texas Christian University.  I believe I have the technique required to be a voice over artist.  I'm a professional actor.  I have been studying the theatre my whole life.  I've taken many acting classes and "voice" classes to free my voice (things such as Linklater and fitzmaurice voice work) I've studied accents and dialects in depth and speak three languages.  However I've never had a practical lesson in starting a career in voice over.  I have the training, a macbook pro, mic, and garage band system and now a profile here.  I'm not the most technically savvy person in the recording department and the information given by voices.com is nice but I'm a little confused.  What are the steps I should take?  What else do I need to put together a demo, and where can I find information to help me become more technologically savvy?  Thoughts appreciated
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Hi there -

Voice acting IS mostly about acting, but you'll need to take a voice-over class to learn the techniques specific to VO.  If you contact me through my website at deborahsalebutler.com, I can send you an article I wrote that details the steps to take, how to make a demo and what to include.  Depending on where you live, there are folks who can help you set up your home studio and get you going, but honestly, I did a ton of work through Garage Band with a Blue Yetti USB mic, using the Podcast presets (play with them).  Practice reading different styles of copy and play with the gain on the mic (you'll see the button), and use the "help" button on your Mac to learn the edit functions in Garage Band.  You can even visit the Genius Bar for help on that one!  As you get more savvy, you can use programs like Logic for more advanced editing.  But the classes will be essential, so that you aren't paying to learn by joining a site like this.  Most classes last 6-10 weeks and give you 3 hrs./week of training.  One-on-one classes with a coach would be an hour at a time, but cost more.  Check my website - email me and I'll send you more info.  Oh, and WELCOME!
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