Is it a Faux Pas to show up at a Studio in Person?

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Hey y'all! I need a bit of advice.

I'm trying to get involved with some of the studios in my area, and after e-mailing many with my demo reel and resume, I've gotten some responses, just confirming that my stuff was received. Cool.

But there's one studio in particular that I really want to work with, that I've received absolutely no response from, even after following up with them over several months. Not even a 'we're not looking for anyone at this time'. I know studios are very busy places, but I want to ensure that my materials were received, at least. They don't have a public phone number, either, so I can't call and ask them anything.

So, here's my question: Would it be a huge no-no to roll up to the studio and drop off my demo CD in person? I've heard some people say that it's okay, but mostly in older books I've read on VO, and I'm not sure if it's something you're still allowed to do.
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Hmmm.  Here's the problem.  If they are making it that hard to get in touch, they probably don't welcome unsolicited materials.  If you show up, you could be sending the wrong message (ie: I know you don't want to be bothered, but "hi!").  Here's a more interesting idea (and I've done it and it works).  Put together a workshop for VO in the area.  Make it a working pro workshop and invite studio heads, casting directors and agents in to do a guest spot.  In your letters to the guests, ask how much they charge, if they do guest spots and budget your class accordingly.  Be sure to include cost of studio, cost of guest and your time in the final tuition, then figure out the minimum number of students needed to meet it.  Max it at 12 o 13 or nobody gets any mic time.  Be sure to contact the studio you really want to work with, to see if you can hold it THERE.  That way, you will establish yourself as a working professional, you will be making money FOR the studio and will establish a really nice working relationship.  If they aren't available for hire, you can still approach the studio head as a guest.  Win-win.
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The thing is, many people I've spoken with HAVE gotten responses from this particular studio via e-mail. Even those without demo reels just e-mailing in for audition information have gotten responses, and I just can't seem to get through to them. That's why I thought about showing up in person as an option, because I know that they do accept demo reels through e-mail usually, I just can't seem to get a response...
Well, if others have gotten a response, you can stop by and drop off a demo and ask at reception if they'd prefer an email (and who you should address it to).  But still - the workshop idea definitely works and puts you on a different level than other "new" talent.  Just sayin'!