does new Voices phone app give iPhone talents an unfair advantage over Android phone users?

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The Voices iPhone app is billed as making it easier than ever for iPhone users to submit demos... even when they're away from their home studios.  That's great for them but Android based users are out in the cold on this and I understand it will be months before Voices develops an app for Android.  Any way to speed up development of an Android version?  Just sayin'.....
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Hi Tom,

As you said, the Android version is in development and will take some time to be ready. We do apologize for that.

While some iPhone users still have the ability to access job postings and audition for projects while away from home, you can still access jobs from the website just as quickly as you can from the app. Additionally, when you are auditioning from home, you're submitting auditions from a home studio you've configured and in a optimal recording environment. Any member submitting custom auditions via the app needs to record the audition with the built in iPhone or iPad microphone and needs to find the best sound optimal area to record in. So while there are some advantages to submitting auditions via the app, there are auditions to working from home as well.

I hope this helps!
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