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Scott Gentle
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Scott Gentle

Scott Gentle

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Very helpful, great alternate line reads. Quick turnaround and very responsive.

Jan 30, 2014
2 / 5


Aug 2, 2013
3 / 5

Great work!

Aug 2, 2013
4 / 5

Scott delivered us another great VO under a tight deadline. Very accommodating and always a pleasure to work with!

Jim Adessa
May 8, 2013
5 / 5

Scott delivered bigtime on a tight deadline. Fast turnaround, helpful information, and a pleasure to work with. Very accommodating, and a GREAT voice. Thank you Scott!

Jim Adessa
Apr 30, 2013
6 / 5

Scott was terrific, fast and imaginative. What a pleasure to work with! We know our clients will be pleased, thanks Scott!

Jun 25, 2012
7 / 5

Scott was superb to work with! Highly recommend him for any V/O.

May 25, 2012
8 / 5

Scott is such a pro to work with. We've done three projects with him now and his talent and flexibility make it such a pleasant collaboration.

We gave him the wrong direction and we realized we needed to change the character of the piece after he had delivered his lines (totally our fault). We contacted him in the morning letting him know we needed a new read and he got it done for us that day! Really saved us.

Mar 19, 2012
9 / 5

Easy to work with - and no worries for you as a producer/client on the talent interpreting the right read. Thanks again, Scott!

Mar 16, 2012
10 / 5

Excellent work on the EVA sounds!

Feb 9, 2012
11 / 5

Great working with you again Scott!! Excellent quality as always :)

Feb 7, 2012
12 / 5

Excellent work Scott! Great styling and evil tones!

Nov 14, 2011
13 / 5

Wonderful work!

Nov 2, 2011
14 / 5

Always a pleasure!

Skot Meyer
Oct 11, 2011
15 / 5

Great work; Fast and very professional.

Aug 26, 2011
16 / 5

Excellent quality and very quick service!

Apr 14, 2011
17 / 5

Great job! A true pleasure to work with. Excellent sound quality with a good variety of takes. Delivered more than expected, quicker than expected.
Thanks Scott!

Rio Phior
Apr 7, 2011
18 / 5

Great Work Scott thanks again!

Mar 29, 2011
19 / 5

Hi Scott,

That's great! Many thanks.



Dec 7, 2010
20 / 5

Scott is very professional and did a great job handling the needs of the piece. He also worked with us to meet a tight scheduling deadline and made sure we were able to get the project handed off to the client. We are all very pleased with the result. We would definitely work with Scott again!

Dec 3, 2010
21 / 5

Scott did an outstanding job on our voice over. His voice was perfect for the spot and he had excellent turn around time. We would not hesitate to recommend him and can't wait to work with him again.

Thanks Scott!

Sep 1, 2010
22 / 5

Scott was very cooperative and accommodating, great to work with!

Skot Meyer
Aug 18, 2010
23 / 5

Scott was great to work with! He gave us just the read we were looking for, in a timely manner, and gave us a great re-read when we got into a pinch. We'll definitely keep him on our short list for future work!

May 26, 2010
24 / 5

It was our first time using and of course we had a same day turn around, so finding the right voice for the job was just as important as finding it in the same day. Our project was for a political commercial, so finding the right match was crucial. Within a matter of 30 minutes of posting we had received numerous audition reads and we knew Scott was our guy the moment we hit play on the audition piece. Scott was able to voice our spot and upload it to in no time helping us reach our deadline.

Thanks for your time Scott. Much Success.


Wes Kane
May 7, 2010
25 / 5

Mar 19, 2010
26 / 5

Fantastic, just what we needed. Thanks Scott

Mar 18, 2010
27 / 5

Scott was great to work with. He offered some great ideas and delivered on time and with our budget. I look forward to using him again for future work. Thanks Scott! You rock!

Feb 16, 2010