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As marketers look for new and innovative ways to connect with clients and prospects, animation is fast becoming a critical tool in their toolkit. If you're wondering why animation could soon be a part of your marketing mix, you've come to the right place.

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Script Template

Animation projects need special attention when it comes to scripting. Standard templates normally used for conventional live-video projects won't include the unique elements required by an animation production. Use this tool to get you started to create the best possible animation.

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Budget Tool

Every project has to respect the budget, of course, but animation projects require a little extra attention to ensure they're delivered successfully. Use this downloadable Excel-based tool to keep all expenses visible and to manage them throughout the project lifecycle.

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Animation Script TemplateGetting Started Checklist. Take the First Step.

Before you dive into your first animation-based project, you need to know what questions to ask, what answers you'll expect in return, and what resources you'll need to pull together. Our Getting Started Checklist points you in the right direction and helps get things going.

Animation Voice Over DemosAnimation Demos. Listen to Examples.

Itching to listen to some samples? Check out top performing voice talent who have provided voice-overs for explainer videos, whiteboard videos, product demos and eLearning videos. Click through and hear from some of the most popular voice talent.  

Animation vs. VideoAnimation vs. Video. Learn Which One Is For You.

It isn't always obvious whether you'll traditional video or animation - or a combination of both. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, so take the time to review your specific needs before figuring out which one makes the most sense for you.

Popular Resources

Animation School Teaches Curriculum Online

If you have a knack for computer animation or have always wanted to study computer animation or visual effects but don't have a school nearby, you may have an alternative.

Resources for Animation Students

When animation students search for voices online, listening to samples is quick and easy. If you're looking to get the most out of your animation production, here are 3 key things you should keep in mind for finding the right voice talent and raising your game as an animator.

3 Great Animation Voice Acting Resources

If you're looking for more insight into the history of voice over work in animation, look no further. These three websites will explain where we've come from, and why it matters to the modern animator.

Global Animation & Gaming Expected to Skyrocket by 2016

Rapid expansion, creativity, and advanced technologies are playing a major role in the massive growth of the global animation and gaming markets. What does it mean for the average company? Find out.

Detroit Institute of the Arts' Historic Look at Animation

A groundbreaking exhibition at a leading institution takes a look at animation from the last 150 years, exploring the relationship between animation and film, from time-lapse, stop-motion, hand-drawn and computer-generated animation. Exhibiting at SIGGRAPH

The company that created the online marketplace for voice-over work,, was an exhibitor at the 40th annual SIGGRAPH conference and exhibition as part of the Ontario delegation.