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Prices are quoted on a project-by-project basis, varying depending on factors such as the type of work you're doing and the voice actor you select.

Script sent one day, get voices back the next. By the end of the week we had a great voice selected, as well as the recordings we needed.

Daniel Beauchamp,
Head of Virtual Reality at Shopify
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Frequently Asked Questions

A ‘voice over’ is an audio narration provided by a voice actor for a project or production. Voice over plays a significant role in marketing, advertising, learning, broadcast, gaming and many other industries to convey brand messaging, improve retention, bring characters to life, and generally create more meaningful connections with the intended audience.

Voice over rates vary, and depend on the characteristics of your project such as the length of your script and category of work (e.g. TV, radio, online video, etc.), as well as the particular voice actor you select. However, creating an account and posting a job on our marketplace are both free. Learn more about voice over rates and start posting jobs to find the best voice for your project.

Start by creating your free account and filling in a job posting. Include information about your project, the type of voice actor you’d like, and a small portion of your script for voice actors to use for their auditions to you. Our proprietary VoiceMatchTM algorithm will then work behind the scenes to invite the best suited talent from our global talent pool. Once you hear the right voice for your project, simply click ‘Hire.’

A good voice over effectively conveys the intended message and meaning, with the right tone, style and words. The delivery of
the script should be clear and easy to understand, be enjoyable to listen to, and generally be consistent with the brand that
the particular project is representing. Learn more about building your brand through a great voice over.

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