Rod Burnham  State College, PA, US

Rod Burnham
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Rod Burnham

Rod Burnham

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Rod was great to work with. He turned around the job very quickly and during my edit session with the client he was able to re-cut everything with new directions also very quickly....while the client was waiting in the booth with me! I am so glad he was there to make the quick submissions! Thanks Rod!

Sep 9, 2014
2 / 5

Superb voice work!

Jul 8, 2014
3 / 5

Great job! Very reassuring and easy to listen to voice.

Nov 13, 2013
4 / 5

Home Run! Knocked it out of the Park! Great Job!

Billy Byrd
Aug 13, 2013
5 / 5

Dirk Naves
Aug 3, 2013
6 / 5

Our client came back with revisions to their boat tour script a couple weeks after Rod had initially done the job. There were so many changes that we decided to redo the whole thing, and Rod delivered!

Jul 30, 2013
7 / 5

Rod does great work! We were looking for someone to inject some color and personality into the somewhat dry subject matter of our boat tour, and he was the guy. He was especially helpful working around our team's tight schedule. We'd love to work with him again!

Jul 8, 2013
8 / 5

Jun 19, 2013
9 / 5

Rod was a pleasure to work with and did an excellent job. Our final product was a perfect fit for the project.

Mar 22, 2013
10 / 5

Rod did an incredible job for us! Of the 87 auditions that I listened to, Rod had the most professionally recorded and quality read. His enthusiasm was also unparalleled by any of the others that I spoke with. Rod provided an amazing service, and had everyone that listened to our videos immediately asking, "Who did the voice-over, it's great!"

I would re-hire Rod in a heartbeat and I highly recommend his services.

Feb 12, 2013
11 / 5

Rod is awesome! He was great to work with, provided a couple of takes and nailed the sound we were going for. Our client loves it, too!

Jan 9, 2013
12 / 5

Rod was amazing to work with - so responsive and accommodating under a tight deadline. His read was warm, compassionate and hit exactly the right tone and timbre for our project. I will look forward to working with Rod again in the future!

Jan 9, 2013
13 / 5

Rod has a great service and really goes the extra mile. We will definitely be using him again in the future. His expertise and ability to capture that perfect sound for the feel of the piece were spot on.

Mat Berry
Jan 19, 2011