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  • Annual Reports

    2013 Report on the Voice Over Industry

    How does the voice-over market-place look in 2013? Join's CEO, David Ciccarelli, as he looks at the current state of the Voice-Over marketplace and more.

    Download a PDF of the 2013 Report on the Voice Over Industry

    Get your free copy of the 2013 industry report describing the main areas of the digital revolution.  This revolution can be characterized by the wide-spread adoption of hardware devices, software programs and apps and digital content.

    2009 Report on the Voice Over Industry and Discussion

    This report aims to identify the key players who participate in the industry, describe behavior and trends, but most importantly, highlights areas of opportunity that should be capitalized upon in 2009.

    Download a PDF of the 2009 Report on the Voice Over Industry

    For the visionaries and those who simply enjoy making predictions, what do you believe is in store for 2009?

    2007 Report on the Voice Over Industry presents a comprehensive overview of industry statistics that directly affect voice actors, including updates on broadcast television, radio, podcasting, video games, audiobooks, and other mediums and applications. Current trends are reported on and are diligently sourced for accuracy.

    Download a PDF of the 2007 State of the Voice Over Industry

    Wondered where the voice over industry is sitting at present? Read this 12 page review by the Chief Executive Officer of, David Ciccarelli.

    View Client Experience Reports

    How do clients make their decisions when it comes to hiring talent at What matters to them most? What can this mean for you?

  • Statistics

    Advertising Statistics

    Data from the radio advertising bureau, eMarketer and Forrester Research discussing advertising on radio, television and new media formats.

    Audiobook Industry Statistics

    Survey results from the Audio Publishers Association provide a telling story of the size and scope of the audiobook market.

    Business and Telecommunications Statistics

    Small businesses can benefit from making better use of time their callers are placed on hold. Research from AT&T and other telecommunications companies back up these findings.

    Videogame Industry Stats

    Supporting research for the fasting growing segment of the entertainment industry.

    Language Services Research

    A massive global market for language services is identified by the Common Sense Advisory Board.

    Mobile Internet Research

    eMarketer provides the basis for the article covering mobile technology and the mobile Internet tsunami.

    Podcasting Research

    Podcasting is maturing and a prime opportunities for small business owners and marketers to connect with their target market by creating compelling audio programs.

    Radio Statistics and Analysis

    Extensive research on all formats of radio including terrestrial radio, satellite radio, HD radio and mobile radio.

    Social Media Statistics

    Forty amazing statistics on social media. Topics discussed include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.

    Television Statistics

    The size of the television market in the United States and Canada is discussed in this research paper.

    Video Usage Statistics

    Online video usage is growing at an incredible rate. In fact, YouTube is the second largest search engine and video uploads have been identified as one of the drivers of growth behind Facebook's 900 million users.

  • Articles Tagged: Research

    List of Companies Who Outsource Jobs

    In the new global economy, one of the growing labor trends is for companies to outsource jobs and even entire divisions to independent contractors and other businesses.

    Top 10 Audio Jobs in the United States

    Obtaining one of these top ten coveted jobs takes playing at the top of your game, always being prepared and of course the biggie, staying connected.

    What Jobs Are Hiring Now?

    Voice talent is constantly in demand. Today's modern world requires people to gain access to any number of recorded materials.

    What Jobs Are Most In Demand?

    Media outlets provide lists of jobs that are most in demand across the country. Knowing which jobs are perpetually in demand can help us plan for the future and be ready to start a brand new job or career.

    What Jobs Pay?

    Voice over jobs for actors that voice cartoon characters and commercials are jobs in this performing arts industry that can afford laborers a decent standard of living.

    Where Are The Jobs?

    The need for female and male voice talent in new media and multimedia presentations are only limited by our imagination.

    Jobs in the Automotive Industry

    Auto dealerships will hire actors to do voice over work for a variety of needs at car dealerships.

    Film Production Job Locations

    The majority of United States film industry employment is centered in major cities, mainly New York and Los Angeles. However, many films are shot on location...

  • Blog Posts

    What's in a business plan?

    Over the past few weeks, I've been participating in a course at the Richard Ivey School of Business on the subject of entrepreneurship. The first session discussed the importance of having a business plan. Here are some of the highlights...

    The Ultimate Business Plan for Voice Over Talent

    Voice acting is one of the most segmented fields in the audio industry, short on facts, short on statistics, and one could say, short on business procedure. Voice acting was one of those businesses the majority of people found hard to define, pin down and map out a clear vision for financial success as a freelance voice actor, that is, until now...

    Video Games Untouched By Economic Crisis?

    According to The Economist, global sales of console hardware and games software are expected to hit a record $49.9 billion this year, sourcing Screen Digest, a consulting firm. Games sales in America in October totaled $697m, 35% more than a year earlier, according to NPD, a market-research firm.

    100+ eBusiness Resources for Voice Over Talent

    From getting your business up and running to sealing the deal, the web offers a fantastic variety of resources that will help you manage your business, connect with other people and make a profit. These are just 100 eBusiness resources -- but they're among the best!

    Voice Coaches Marketing Expo

    93% of the people who work in the position of administrative assistants are females. Make those marketing materials unique and attractive to the person who decides whether or not your demo or resume will see the light of day.

  • Podcasts

    Research What Employers are Looking For

    Learn how to focus on the realities of the voiceover industry and carefully research what you have to offer, and equally, research what all employers are looking for.

    Making Your Art Your Business

    As a voice actor, you are a small business owner, a realization that is critical to your success; it's not just about your voice...

    Niche Marketing for Voice Actors

    Learn how to differentiate yourself from others, especially when marketing on the internet by developing a niche marketing strategy. By defining your target audience and focusing your efforts in their direction, you will reap greater benefits, work for better clientele and make more money with less work...