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Audio Recording Technology

It’s hard to believe how far audio recording technology has come since the invention of the phonograph back in 1877. Today’s advancements have made it so that even the novice audio recorder can produce high quality, professional results in their own home.

From music to commercial voice-overs to audio books and podcasts, audio recording is crucial to many aspects of media production. Whether you're interested in starting a career in voice work or are simply pursuing a new hobby, use this guide to help you find the best resources in audio recording technology.

Audio Recording Technology Resources

Audio Recording Software

Recording software allows users to easily layer, mix, and transform audio recordings into songs featuring a variety of instruments and effects. Most software options allow you to export your audio production into formats to fit a variety of formats, including AAC, AIFF, and MP3.


Free sound editor and audio recording software.


The best way to record music on a Mac is now the best way to record podcasts.


Highly rated, free multitrack audio recording software. ASIO and VST FX support with a 16-audio-track limit.

Anvil Studio

Freeware that offers multitrack audio and midi recording capabilities. The user interface is very basic and good for beginners.

Audio Recording Equipment

Audio recording equipment can encompass microphones, headphones, multitrack recorders, mixers, or studio monitors. Before you purchase audio recording equipment, consider your purpose, budget, and portability needs. Consider contacting the following sites directly to learn more about which devices will fit your equipment needs.

Guitar Center Studio and Recording Packages

Guitar Center offers packages of recording gear to help you get all the recording equipment you need in one bundle.

Sam Ash Recording & Computer Equipment

Sam Ash's collection of audio recording equipment includes a comprehensive mix of hard drives, recording software, audio decks, and more.

Sweetwater Essential Audio Tools

Audio recording enthusiasts can find a collection of essential audio tools on Sweetwater.

Audio Recording Schools

If you're interested in pursuing a career in audio recording or want to take a more serious approach, attending audio engineering or audio recording schools can help take you to the next level. The following are just a few of the options available to those who want to pursue a certificate, Associate's, Bachelor's, or Master's program in audio recording and production.

Recording Connection Audio Institute

The Recording Connection Audio Institute offers programs in music production, audio engineering, live event audio, and a Master's program at locations in more than 45 states. Tuition ranges from $7,750 to $10,750.

The Los Angeles Recording School

The Los Angeles Recording School, located in Hollywood, CA, is a branch of the Los Angeles Film School, and offers one-year certificate and Associate's degree programs. Tuition is $24,620 for the full certificate program.

Institute of Production & Recording

For specialization in found design for visual media, audio production and engineering and certification in tools such as Apple Logic Pro and Avid Pro tools, IPR offers programs and courses than can be taken à la carte. Each credit is $435, or you can opt for a full course load with tuition at $42,630.

Audio Recording Tips

Let’s be real, even the most experienced audio recording professional needs a little help from time to time. Below you’ll find a number of great forums and Q&A sites to help connect you with other audio recording enthusiasts when you need them. Post your question or, if you have some experience under your belt, build some goodwill by contributing tips and answers. You never know when your good karma will come back to you.

Explore audio recording questions and answers from other audio recording enthusiasts. Once you become an expert, you can pay it forward and share your knowledge and insights with other users in return.

Audio recording and production tips and techniques arranged alphabetically. The Gearslutz Forum features more questions and answers from other audio recording enthusiasts.

An audio recording forum separated into novice, pro, and VIP discussion groups. The articles section offers even more audio recording advice from audio recording pros.

Audio Recording Technology Articles

A collection of articles written by the industry experts at who have hands-on experience working with audio recording technology. If there is a topic you'd like to see covered in the audio recording technology directory, contact us and let us know what you're curious about.

History of the Compact Disc

Development of the Compact Disc, CD-ROM, DVD, and Blu-Ray Discs. Compact Discs. You all remember those, right?

The Audio Recording Signal Chain: Sound Sources

The "signal chain" is audio engineer speak for the steps that a sound takes during the recording process. But you probably already knew that.

The Audio Recording Signal Chain: Microphones

A microphone, sometimes referred to as a mike or mic, captures the sound of your voice and converts that sound into an electrical signal.

The Audio Recording Signal Chain: Preamps

A microphone preamp is a device used to amplify the voltage taken from a microphone to a higher, more usable level. Most microphones must be used in conjunction with a microphone preamp to function properly.

How and When to Use Audio Compression

What's pre-mastering, and how, when, and why should I use compression?

History of the Loudspeaker

Loudspeakers are used at all kinds of sporting events including football games, cheerleader meets, and just about any place where a voice needs to be heard over a lot of other noise. Here's a look at the history of the loudspeaker.

Blog Posts

The blog hosts information about various topics related to the voice talent industry, including audio recording and production information and tips. These posts are continuously updated, so check back frequently to find the latest news and tips about audio recording technology.

A Primer On ISDN And Other Similar Technologies

First, a definition of ISDN (Integrated Digital Services Network), which is essentially a Digital Service Line or DSL.

Audacity and the Snowball Microphone Problems

Correcting Snowball mix problems in Audacity. How to make the two see eye to eye.

Step by step audio editing tutorials

Audio editing tutorials that take you step-by-step through the process. CEO Speaks at Audio Recording Technology School

OIART, the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology, is one of the top audio production schools in the industry.


Because understands you’d sometimes rather listen than read (we are audiophiles after all, aren’t we?) we regularly features podcasts from experts in the voice talent field to educate our listeners in a number of different subject areas. These podcasts touch upon topics related to audio recording, production, and everything that takes place in between. Check back frequently to hear the latest podcasts from experts in the industry.

Basics of Building a Home Recording Studio

Learn how to professionally and economically build your own home recording studio.

Recording Software for Voice Actors

Get some historical perspective on how recording has evolved, and learn more about how to decide which software program is right for you.

Auditioning in Your Home Recording Studio

Can it be done? Without everyone hearing your dog in the background? Learn how to create a perfect audition from home by following directions, being professional, and paying attention to detail.

Syncing Audio to Video

Get great advice on how to match the voice-over, music, and sound effects to video post-production.

Mobile Recording Using High Speed Internet in Hotels

Don't assume every hotel has high-speed internet access if you plan to do mobile recording when traveling.

Audio Recording Hard Drive Backups

Hard drives eventually get old, so be prepared and back up your audio recording hard drive.

Blue Microphone Reviews

Blue Microphone releases Joe and Snowpack, and here's a brief review.