Managed Services

Get customized service and support from our experts to tackle the complex projects that you don't want, or don't have the time, to manage yourself.

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Why Managed Services?

Project management for your multivoice, multilingual and other complex needs
Help with sourcing, scheduling and working with voice actors
Live session coordination, translation and post-production when you need it
Financial flexibility to bill how you need to, and pay on your terms
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Tell us about your project

Describe your vision, your requirements and your challenges, and we’ll get right to work on crafting the perfect project plan and job posting.

You’ll have the opportunity to review and approve your postings before they go out to the voice actor marketplace.

Have your job postings crafted for you
Get help with project coordination and administration

Select your voice talent

Listen in on custom auditions, often within just a few hours. Your account manager can curate a list of top auditions, so you hear only the best of the best, or they can share each voice actor audition with you, giving you a world of choice. You always make the decision on who you hire.

Receive auditions fast, in a curated list or unfiltered
You decide which voice actor to hire

Receive broadcast-quality files

Whether you need one file or five thousand, you’ll get professional quality recordings delivered to your unique specifications, all on deadline. We can also help coordinate file delivery, organization, billing, and even translation or post-production services too.

Receive the files you need, when you need them, according to your specifications.
We’ll keep your project organized and help with any other needs

Additional Capabilities

Go beyond what you can do on the platform alone. Get customized service for all your project needs.

Translation and Localization

Whether you’re looking to translate your script into a different language, or localize your copy with a particular dialect or regional nuance, we can help. The following are just a few examples of the over 100 languages, accents and dialects available:

Curated Shortlists

Do you have a particular brand voice you want to maintain, or several stakeholders with different voice over needs? Our Account Managers consider your brand and creative needs to browse our talent pool, providing you with a shortlist of auditions to review.


Do you require audio editing or audio visual services? From file splicing, to sound effects, music, dubbing and more, we can help. Let us know what you’re looking to achieve and we’ll help you make magic happen.

Flexible Payments and Agreements

When you need billing and payment methods that work for your company structure, we’re your partner. From traditional invoicing to online transactions and beyond, just let us know what arrangements you need, and we’ll help make it happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Managed Services provides complete project management from start to finish including:
• Talent sourcing and scheduling
• Custom job posting
• Curated favorites list
• Live session coordination
• Translation
• Post-production needs

Our team of experts can also handle any legal, procurement or financial requirements you may have, no matter how complex.
To get in touch with an in-house expert, complete the Managed Services form:

Most people use Managed Services because their project requirements are too complex to handle on their own. Often this involves legal structures, procurement needs, post-production specifications and financial requirements. There is no project too complex for our team of experts to handle.
Another reason people choose Managed Services is because they simply don’t have time to manage a project on their own. Let our team take that time pressure off of you and deliver quality audio while you can spend your time focusing on other parts of the project.

By using Managed Services, you’re able to access services that aren’t available on the self-service marketplace. For instance, many people choose to use managed services when they need a helping hand with project management, have complex project requirements (niche languages, legal requirement, payment specifications, etc), require add-on services like translation, localization, or post-production, or they need a billing solution that will work with their business structure and accounting department.
However, whether you choose Managed Services or self services through Voices, you’ll always get high-quality production, unparalleled choice in talent, and the fastest casting services available online.

When you use Voices, whether it’s self service or Managed Services, it will be fast. The Managed Services team is made up of experts who can quickly work within your timelines. Typically, those who come to the Managed Services team have complex needs or lack the time to manage the project themselves. Our team of professionals will work within the timeline you have set and will communicate clearly what the expectations are.

To get started, complete the Managed Services contact form and someone will be in touch. On the form, tell us about your project, vision and requirements.
Here are some examples of helpful information to include:
1. Project Scope - Tell us about your project; what you need recorded, the script, length, how many spots, number of talent, etc.
2. Usage - Usage tell us how the audio will be heard, on what mediums (ie: television, radio, online) and how long.
3. Voice Profile - Let us know what languages you require and the type of voice actor you’re looking for. You can also include examples and special requests here.
4. Budget and Timeline - When do you need your voice over files by and how much can you spend?
5. Sample Script - While not necessary to include, a sample script can give us an idea on what you’re hiring for so we can start casting right away.
6. Additional Requirements - Make sure to mention anything else you need to make your project a success (ie: translation, post-production, QA, script proofing, etc.).

The Managed Services team is equipped to answer any questions you may have. If you have an account, you can log in and access your homepage. On there you will see the email of your Account Manager and can reach out to them directly. If you don't have an account you can complete the contact form a member of the team will be in touch.

Ready to get started?
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