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At Voices we keep pricing simple and transparent. You will see all costs and fees upfront eliminating any hidden surprises.

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Browse through packages or post a job and receive custom responses for free. Unlock additional job features like response downloads with Voices Plus.

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When you post a job, set either a fixed budget or a range for talent to base their quote on. Pay the talent fee only when you hire the right talent. For easy price comparison, browse packages with upfront pricing and buy based on your budget.

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Our processing fee is 4% for credit card payments and 6% for invoices if you need to pay later. It is calculated against the job subtotal, meaning the price you see at checkout is the price you pay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much you pay depends on what type of work and type of voice over work you’re looking for. The Voices platform itself is free to use but we will always encourage fair market rates for our talent. 

You can either set a fixed budget or provide a budget range when posting a job. Talent will quote what they see as appropriate for the work. Additional things such as split files, revisions, post-production work and tight timelines may impact your price. 

To see how much talent price their work for, you can check out Talent Packages. These are pre-set packages of work with upfront pricing and timelines.
To get a better understanding of how to price your job and what is seen as fair, take a look at the rate guide.

Signing up on Voices and finding voice actors is always free.

Using the free Voices Basic subscription you will have the ability to post a job, browse and buy, hire talent and download finished files. The only costs you will incur are the price you and your talent agree upon and the processing fee. This 4% fee simply helps us process your payment.

Voices Plus is our most popular subscription and is only $299 per year. This type of account has additional features that speed up the talent sourcing and provide additional payment options.
We encourage you review our plans page to see which type of membership is best for you.

More information on Voices plans can be found here:

At Voices, we pride ourselves on being an industry leader for fair and equitable pay to voice actors. We follow industry standards and set minimums to ensure our talent are compensated for their hard earned work.

Voice actors will quote what they deem as fair for a job but if you’re unsure, we encourage you to check out the following resources:

  • Pricing Calculator - Input information about your job and we will provide a fair pricing range. You can find the calculator at the top of this page.
  • Rate Guide - Our rate guide is based on industry standards and is used by talent to set their prices.
  • Talent Packages - See what talent are posting similar jobs for.

When you click Hire you are prompted to make a deposit. The deposit is the full amount and it will be held in our secure SurePay™ system until the work has been completed. 

Immediately after making a deposit, you will be prompted to complete the Job Agreement. The work cannot be started by the talent until this step is complete.

If you have navigated away from the site without completing your Agreement you can quickly return to it by clicking Payments > Held in SurePay, and then Requires Agreement.

As soon your Agreement has been submitted, the talent you are working with is notified that a deposit has been made and is invited to accept your Agreement and start recording your project. 

Your deposit is held by Voices. Payment can be issued to voice talent by clicking "Release Funds" on the platform otherwise payment will be automatically released 14 days after the delivery date (i.e. Project Deadline) set in the agreement.

Usage in the voice over industry defines how the voice will be used. It is usually found in the job posting or agreement that limits the scope for how the creative is to be used and impacts the project budget. Usage is limited by media (radio, TV or online advertising campaign), duration (length of the campaign), or geography (size of campaign typically local, regional, national or global).

To use a voice over for a longer period of time than originally stated, you can renew it in the License Management Center.

For more information about usage, refer to this FAQ.

All amounts are shown in U.S. dollars.

Voices offers a range of payment options. The most commonly used are credit cards and PayPal. 

For Plus and Enterprise clients, invoicing with 30-day terms is also available. Should you require more complex payment methods, we recommend you contact our Managed Services team who can handle all your complex billing needs.

Voices’ main priority is shared success between clients and talent, but it is also a business and as such, requires a revenue generating structure. 

In the spirit of shared success, when you succeed, we succeed. Our main revenue generator is the small portion of each completed job that goes toward Voices. 

We also earn an income off of the paid accounts from talent and clients. 

This helps us to stay in business to provide you with the best online voice marketplace possible. If you have any questions about the business or are interested in a career with Voices, we encourage you to contact us.