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Who Are the Voices in Transformers: Age of Extinction?

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Beau Stephenson

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Retention Specialist

Promotion Specialist

Where are Voices Heard on the Internet?

How Online Video is Transforming the Way Businesses Advertise

The Rise of eCommerce

The Evolution of the Internet

Creating Powerful Learning Tools

Incorporating Multimedia Tools in Modern Classrooms

Educational Voice Overs: Should You Use a Professional Narrator?

Transforming Educational Text into Conversational Scripts

3 Reasons to Use a Professional Voice Over for Your Elearning Course

The Evolution of eLearning

Paying the Talent: Full Buyout vs. Residuals

4 Tips for Casting TV Voiceovers

Are TV Commercials Still Viable?

How Are Voice Overs Used on Television?

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Wishing You a Successful Voice Acting Career

Utilizing Social Media for Your Business

Advertising Your VO Business Online

Creating a Personal Website

Nurturing Business with Your Existing Clients

Getting Agents in Major Markets

Recording Auditions Using Mobile Devices

Strategizing for How to Audition From Home

Recording Your Voice with Advanced Techniques

Updating Your Demos

Upgrading Your Home Recording Studio

Developing a Business Plan

Taking Your Career to the Next Level

Professional’s Guide to Voice Acting

Who are the Voices in The LEGO Movie?

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Promoting Your Voice Over Talents

Making Money Doing Voice-Overs

Working with Clients

Attending a Recording Session

Getting an Agent

Auditioning From Home

Recording Your Voice

Planning Your Demos

Building a Home Recording Studio

Interpreting a Script

Learning From Instructors

Recognizing Your Talent

Meeting The Industry

Beginner’s Guide To Voice Acting



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Talent Profile Language Help

Talent Demo Upload Form Help


Specifications for Online Audio Ads

Planning an Audio Advertising Campaign

Music Selection Best Practices for Audio Productions

Mixing Your Online Audio Ad

Mastering Your Online Audio Ad