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Children’s Fantasy Video Game Sample Script

Keaton Robbins | October 26, 2023

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For Clients Looking for Voice Over Script Examples for Children’s Video Games

The scripts include specifications like voice age, gender, target market, artistic direction, accent, etc., much like voice over job postings on Voices. So, if you’re looking for a voice actor, the next time you post a job on Voices, you’ll have an idea of how to format your job posting to get the best auditions back. This formatting helps voice actors to better understand what you envision for your project, and bring it to life in their read.

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  1. For Clients Looking for Voice Over Script Examples for Children’s Video Games
  2. For Voice Actors Looking for Voice Over Practice Scripts
  3. 60-Second In-Game Script:
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For Voice Actors Looking for Voice Over Practice Scripts

Feel free to use these scripts for practice reads! Keep in mind when auditioning for jobs, it is recommended to only provide a small portion of the read in your demo. For example, 5 to 7-second read of a 15-second script will suffice for your audition demo.


MysticRealm Games

Voice Age:

Child or Teen



Job description:

This video game gameplay script is for “Quest for the Lost Kingdom”, the newest children’s fantasy video game from MysticRealm Games. It targets young gamers and their parents. The tone should be adventurous, magical, and engaging.

Art Direction:

The script should have an adventurous and magical visual tone. Visual elements from the video game will include in-game footage of characters, mythical creatures, magical spells, and various environments.


Video Game




Adventurous, Magical, Engaging




US General American

Word Count:

100 words (for 60 seconds), 70 words (for 30 seconds), 35 words (for 15 seconds)

60-Second In-Game Script:

Elara: Look at this portal! Magic reigns, and there’s adventure waiting for us at every corner. The ethereal glow of this place whispers promises of mystery and wonder.

Arin: Is this where we’ll find the stolen crown? The symbol of our kingdom’s lost glory?

Lila: Yes, in our quest for the Lost Kingdom. But remember, dangers lurk, and mythical creatures guard the path. Each step forward is a step deeper into the heart of the unknown.

Kiran: We must find the crown and restore balance. Everyone ready? The fate of our realm rests on our shoulders, and our determination must be unwavering.

Zara: Challenges, mysteries. Sounds like a usual day in MysticRealm! Let the allure of the arcane be our guide, and let us embrace the magic that surrounds us.

Arin: Another day, another quest. Let the magic begin! Together, we are an unstoppable force, bound by destiny and fueled by our unyielding spirit.

30-Second Script:

Elara: This journey is our chance. Our quest for the Lost Kingdom’ begins here. With every step we take, the echoes of legends past resonate in our hearts, reminding us of our noble purpose.

Kiran: There are challenges ahead, but together, we can face anything. The bonds that unite us are stronger than any obstacle that dares to stand in our way.

Zara: Magic, adventure, and a kingdom to save. Let’s not keep destiny waiting.

Lila: Every legend starts with a single step. Let’s begin our quest!

15-Second Script:

For the kingdom! For the adventure! With unwavering resolve, we embark on this epic journey.

Thus begins our quest for the Lost Kingdom, where every moment is a brushstroke on the canvas of destiny.

Our story unfolds now, and the echoes of our actions will resound through the halls of time.

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    Justin Wise
    February 16, 2024, 5:12 pm

    Such a fun script!