1. Had a heck of a time finding the sample scripts area – any tips on what I should have searched for or how to get here again because I don[‘t remember the succession of clicks I did to get here? I want to do a demo for the category Documentaries. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Linda,
      First off – we’re sorry that this took a while to find!
      To make it easier to get to next time, you can find all of our sample scripts by going to the ‘resources’ section of our blog. On the top navigation, you’ll see headings titled ‘blog,’ ‘for voice actors’ ‘for clients’ ‘announcements’ and ‘resources.’ If you hover over resources, a menu drops down that indicates sample scripts.

      Alternatively, you can also go to the search field and search for ‘scripts’ and the results will bring you to a number of voice over sample script articles.

      I hope this helps!

      Thank you for reading and all the best,
      – Tanya

    • Hi Gabriella,
      Yes they are! We’d LOVE it if you would use them for your demo! That’s exactly what we were hoping they’d be used for.
      Thank you for asking – and happy recording!
      – Tanya


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