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Kids’ Reading App Online Commercial Sample Script

For Clients Looking for Voice Over Script Examples for Children’s Reading App Commercials

The scripts include specifications like voice age, gender, target market, artistic direction, accent, etc., much like voice over job postings on Voices. So, if you’re looking for a voice actor, the next time you post a job on Voices, you’ll have an idea of how to format your job posting to get the best auditions back. This formatting helps voice actors to better understand what you envision for your project, and bring it to life in their read.

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For Voice Actors Looking for Voice Over Practice Scripts

Feel free to use these scripts for practice reads! Keep in mind when auditioning for jobs, it is recommended to only provide a small portion of the read in your demo. For example, 5 to 7-second read of a 15-second script will suffice for your audition demo.



Voice Age:

Young Adult (25-35)



Job description:

This online ad script is crafted to promote the KiddoReads reading app, aiming to appeal to parents, guardians, and educators interested in enhancing a child’s love for reading. The tone should be warm, enthusiastic, and inspiring.

Art Direction:

The script should be read with warmth and enthusiasm. The online commercial will include visuals of children engrossed in reading on tablets, animated characters from popular stories coming to life, and interactive app features.


Online Commercial


Education & Technology


Warm, Enthusiastic, Inspiring




US General American

Word Count:

100 words (for 60 seconds), 70 words (for 30 seconds), 35 words (for 15 seconds)

60-Second Script:

Welcome to a world where the lines between reality and fiction blur: Welcome to KiddoReads!

Do you hear that? The sound of pages turning, the murmur of young voices engrossed in tales of yore and beyond.

With KiddoReads, we’re not just presenting stories; we’re unleashing an entire universe. Every tale doesn’t just sit idle; it leaps off the screen, dancing to its own rhythm.

Watch as your child’s favorite characters come alive, sharing their adventures, weaving dreams, and building memories.

In this magical world, imaginations are not just kindled, they’re set ablaze. Witness the spark of a lifelong love for reading ignited in every young heart.

Because at KiddoReads, it’s not just about stories; it’s about the bonds formed, the lessons learned, and the dreams dreamt.

KiddoReads: where every story isn’t just a narrative; it’s an experience. Dive deep, and embark on the literary adventure of a lifetime today!

30-Second Script:

Step into a wondrous world. A world where tales come alive, where imagination has no bounds. Welcome to KiddoReads.

Every swipe, every tap, reveals a new journey. Watch as characters breathe, tales unfold, and young minds are captivated.

We’re here to do more than just tell stories; we’re here to fuel imaginations, to ignite not just a fleeting interest, but a burning, enduring passion for reading.

The world is vast, and its tales, are endless. Discover KiddoReads today!

15-Second Script:

Welcome to KiddoReads. Where stories aren’t just told; they’re lived. Dive into vibrant tales, meet unforgettable characters, and let young imaginations soar.

A vast world of stories is waiting. Join us at KiddoReads.

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