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Creative or producer planning about his upload video to youtube
How To Do a Voice Over on YouTube

If you’re looking to take your YouTube videos to the next level, it’s probably time you utilize the art of the voice over.

Woman holding iPhone X streaming service media and video TikTok.
How to Add Voice Effects in TikTok

A TikTok voice effect is an alternate way from speaking with our own voices in a TikTok. Get the steps for TikToks with voice effects.

Woman with brown hair in front of a computer and mic, looking at a voice script for a commercial.
Voice Over Sample Scripts for Clients and Voice Talent

Use these free voice over sample scripts to help write your next voice over script or use them to practice your voice over skills.

Image of a globe with symbols of different accents to represent how to do accents.
Voice Acting
How to Do Accents: Advice From a Dialect Coach

The voice over industry is filled with actors who can perform a multitude of accents. Learn how to do accents with dialect coach Sammi Grant.

A blonde-haired female voice actor wearing headphones, smiling and speaking into a microphone.
Voice Acting
How to Start a Voice Acting Career: Get Started in 2024

From voice over coaching to setting salaries and auditioning, here's all the info you need to start a voice acting career!

People put their hands into the centre of a table. They are holding onto puzzle pieces. One is light blue, one is dark blue.
Voice Acting
Voice Over Coaching: Selecting a Voice Over Coach

Wondering which style of voice over coaching is right for you? Here are some considerations to weigh as you seek a voice over coach.

A recording sign lit up just outside of a sound booth
The Art of Voice Over: Making Every Word Count

The art of voice over lies in using a few carefully selected words to convey a message, a feeling or a story. Let's talk about making every word count.

Two women sitting in chairs talking and working on computers.
Cost-Effective Ways to Refresh Creatives with Voice...

Why should you prioritize refreshing your voice over creatives? In this blog, we will explain why refreshing your creatives is important and how to do it.

Call center workers in headphones are working at modern office.
10 Engaging Alternatives to “Your Call is...

Are you looking to refresh your hold message and offer something more personal and memorable? Here are 10 alternatives to "Your call is important to us".

Exploring Radio Formats: An In-Depth Guide to Radio...

Radio formats have played a pivotal role in shaping the broadcasting landscape since their inception, particularly in the context of radio stations. Designed...

Young black woman created her dancing video content by smartphone camera to live streaming to social media application for view, like and share.
How to Go Live On TikTok

When you go live on Tiktok, your followers will receive a notification, and they can tune in to watch and take part.

Voice Acting
The Female Voice: From Girl to Woman 

Choosing the right voice for a project is crucial. Let’s look at how the female voice changes and how a girl’s voice becomes a woman’s voice.

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