Payment Service to Power the Online Marketplace offers the leading online marketplace that connects business people with professional voice-over talent. SurePay is the online payment service that processes credit card payments and distributes funds to voice talent and audio producers for work that is complete.

What is SurePay?

SurePay Escrow Service is the online payment service provided by, that processes client payments and distributes funds to voice talent for work that is completed. SurePay Escrow Service utilizes a third party bank account to hold client payments until the client has approved the completed work and authorized to pay the talent. SurePay helps ensure a risk-free financial transaction for both client and talent, protecting the client so they receive the work they were paying for, and protecting the talent so they get paid for the work completed.

How SurePay Works

  1. Posting a Job

    It all starts with finding the right voice talent for your project. You can request quotes by:

    • Browsing the Featured Talent Directory or Top 100 and request a quote from one voice talent only.
    • Searching by keyword, gender or location and request quotes from a group of voice talent to reply to your private job posting
    • Posting a Job to compare qualifications, quotes and availability of all voice talents
  2. Reviewing Responses

    Within the hour, check back to view responses by clicking on your Responses section. You can listen to MP3 samples and even compare quotes for your project. Once you've found the best candidate, award your job by clicking "Award Job".

  3. Making a Payment

    When you award your job to the voice talent that you'd like to work with, you will be presented with a credit card page where you can make a deposit with our SurePay Escrow Service. The deposit is for the full amount quoted by the talent and a 20% Platform fee.

  4. The Recording

    Once your payment is made, the voice talent is notified and proceeds with the recording your script. When they have completed the work, the voice talent will upload the files to your account at, where the will be stored for you to retrieve.

  5. Downloading The Files & Accepting The Work

    The voice talent has fulfilled their end of the agreement, and now you just need to download the material and accept the work as complete. You'll receive an email inviting you to download your files. If it all sounds good to you simply click "I accept" to release the funds and pay the talent in full for their work.

  6. Payment is Released

    When you click 'Release Funds' this action notifies to release the payment for the voice talent which is sent to them by PayPal or in the mail by corporate check. Funds will be automatically released 14-days after the delivery deadline set in the agreement with the voice talent if payment is not manually released before that date. Payment released between a given Saturday and Friday will be paid out on the following Friday.

  7. Giving & Receiving Feedback

    To complete this business transaction, you'll have an opportunity to leave feedback about your experience working with the voice talent you hired at Feedback consists of a 5-star rating and a brief review providing further details to support your star rating.  You've successfully hired a professional voice over talent. You've now experienced working with some of the best voice talent in the world, completed your job quickly and with the security of knowing your payment was safe and the files would be delivered using the award winning web service.


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What our members say

I wish I had found out about your services sooner, but I found you and I’m super delighted! Your company is a great tool for anyone who is in need of voice over talent. Very easy to navigate, and very secure. I love the “you don’t pay until you are happy with the recording.

Jose Luis Vazquez, Jakan Productions

Your SurePay Escrow service is such a helpful feature in managing a booking. An additional level of peace of mind for both the client and talent.

Diane de Zylva, Voice Talent

I particularly appreciate the Surepay system, as it can often be a gamble working with overseas clients as to whether or when I shall be paid - takes the worry out of that part of my job.

Anna Parker-Naples, Voice Talent