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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Video narration is the voice over that you hear when listening to online video or any type of video available online. Video narration can be applied to marketing materials like explainer videos, interviews, tutorials, and more.

    An explainer video is a marketing video that is used to highlight a company’s products or services. Explainer videos are also used to break down complex processes so they are easy to understand.

    Video streaming is live content or on demand video that is delivered to your screen through the internet rather than hosted on your device.

    You can very easily make an explainer video by walking through the following steps:

    Step 1:
    Write the video script: The most important element in an explainer video is the script. Even if your video has the best graphics and animation, it will still need a solid script to back it up.

    Step 2:
    Recording the voice over: Hire a professional voice over artist to get the job done right the first time.

    Step 3:
    Video production: Hire an animator/video producer to produce your video and put the video and vocal track all together.

    Step 4:
    Distribute your explainer video: Find relevant platforms like social media to get your video out there for all to enjoy

    1. Look for how the voice actor interpreted your artistic direction: A great voice actor will be able to take your words and put their own personal and engaging interpretation on it to give the best final read.
    2. Notice how the voice actor delivered your script: Taking direction means being able to adhere to script markups (such as pronunciation indicators) with ease and adapt to the flow of the project.
    3. Assess if their vocal qualities match the tone of your messaging and content: The read should be engaging, as well as draw your attention to the importance of the material. After all, most explainer videos are only 1-3 minutes, a short time to reel in your audience.
    4. Listen for added dimension that enhances your message: When you decide to use a professional voice actor, you know that your video is in safe hands. This is because they have the ability to add character and personality in a way that will give your read an extra dimension. Their interesting voice delivers enlightenment and complexity in a way that only a trained voice can. They will have your viewers hanging on to every word and create excellent brand awareness.
    5. Listen to their demos: When you post a job on Voices, you can get free custom voice over auditions using your radio script. However, you can also find radio voice actors by browsing voice actors for online videos and listening to demos.

    Some sources indicate that the cost of an explainer video can range from $700-$72,000 depending on the length of the explainer video, as well as any special animations or graphics that need to be created.
    Here are some costs required to create an explainer video to take into account:

    Hiring Creatives
    Sourcing music, sound effects and professional voice actors

    Your explainer video script sets the tone for your voice over, and video voice over is crucial. Start your script by ensuring your key message and value proposition appear in the first 30 seconds of the video. You should use simple language and avoid alienating your audience with any technical jargon and opt for a more casual tone. If appropriate, infusing a touch of humor in your script can really go a long way to sell your message.

    You want to keep explainer videos short. Specifically, less than 2 minutes is an ideal length for explainer videos.

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    All About Video Narration Voice Over

    The internet is a big place and with online streaming capabilities improving every year, there’s no end in sight for the proliferation of video narration. Every day, millions of hours of video are uploaded online across platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On YouTube alone, it’s reported that more than 500 hours of video is uploaded every minute. And at the same time, hungry audiences across the globe are consuming billions of hours of video content every day. If you’re a marketer or a content creator looking to stand out from the crowd and get your videos noticed, our professional video narration voice actors can help your online video stand out in this sea of content.

    Video Narration project types

    Video narration or online video voice actors voice every type of video out there, including internet ads, product demos, tutorials, and more. Whether it’s an explainer video guiding the audience through a complex concept, a how-to DIY, or this year’s holiday campaign, our experienced video narratino voice actors can deliver exactly what you’re looking for with flexibility and a quick turnaround.

    When it comes to creating a video narration that stands out, both your video and audio quality needs to be top-notch. Audio and video work in tandem to deliver your message, whether it’s marketing a new product or teaching a new skill, and audiences know what quality content should look, feel, and sound like. By hiring a professional video narration voice actor to voice your project, your video is sure to sound as great as it looks.

    How to hire video narration voice actors

    A video narration voice actor offers much more than just a voice that speaks over a video. These professionals take your creative direction and deliver a read in a way that only a trained voice actor can. Voice over experts are masters of the conversational read and know what it takes to deliver a relatable performance that doesn’t sound scripted. There’s nothing less appealing to audiences than a boring and stilted voice over, and that’s why creative professionals from around the globe trust our video narration voice actors to deliver compelling voice over that keeps audiences coming back for more.

    Popular video narration for marketing

    Explainer videos are some of the most popular video narration projects we see on the Voices platform. These marketing videos pair great visuals with engaging voice over to not only keep viewers tuned in, but also help digest and break down complex content. Brands use explainer videos to communicate their services and products in a succinct way, pairing creative visuals with voice over. Picture an animated video walking you through some frequently asked questions or a demo of a new website feature with narration overtop. The best video narration voice actors know how to take an informative script for an explainer video and bring it to life in a way that captures the attention of viewers.

    The top vocal quality creative professionals look for in this video narration is the believable voice over. In this style, voice actors infuse their read with meaning and trust often to carefully explain complex services and products. Another vocal quality creative professionals look for is the conversational style, which is a growing trend among every type of online video and many other projects. The conversational style is known for its casual and approachable sound, which is a skill honed by professional voice actors after many hours spent in the studio. Other vocal qualities creatives look for include kind, helpful, humorous, and confident.

    Voices makes hiring quality video narration voice actors easy

    No matter what sound you’re looking for, you can find the perfect video narration voice over for your video quickly and easily on Voices. Take a listen to our voice actors’ demos to find the right voice for your project.