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From big brands to small businesses to voice actors, Voices makes finding the right voice, and the right projects, easy.

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Sarah Kmiecik voice actor headshot

Sarah Kmiecik

Voice Actor

Sarah's success story is one of persistence, belief in one’s self, and the ability to enjoy the ride!

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Emily Flegal, a woman with blond hair and blue eyes, taking a selfie in a forest.

Emily Flegal

Voice Actor

"Working in the voice over industry has been the biggest blessing in my life."

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Christy Fabbri photo.

Christy Fabbri

Voice Actor

Christy fell in love with acting in high school, and while puppeteering and doing voices in a children’s tv show.

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Spencer Cannon photo.

Spencer Cannon

Voice Actor

Spencer’s journey as a voice over artist began with a fierce passion for video games and animation, love for sound.

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Rachael Sparrow photo.

Rachael Sparrow

Voice Actor

Rachael’s fun and conversational tone has narrated projects for some of the world’s biggest brands.

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John Kubin photo.

John Kubin

Voice Actor

John has voiced thousands of projects, including commercials, video games, and movie trailers.

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Joy Shaw photo.

Joy Shaw

Voice Actor

Joy Shaw has turned her fresh, professional voice into a thriving voice over career.

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Lisa Luck photo.

Lisa Luck

Voice Actor

Lisa Luck’s voice is similar to her personality: fresh, breezy, and naturally charismatic.

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Shane Morris photo.

Shane Morris

Voice Actor

His voice is deep and distinctive. You can hear him on documentaries, movie trailers, tv and radio spots.

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What Our Talents are Saying

“[Voices offers] the tools, opportunity, and support to be successful. Now I work from home doing what I love and I am still part of an amazing team of professionals.”

Carly Loper avatar. Carly Loper

“Teaming up with Voices was a smart move for me. The volume and variety of auditions that come to me fill my days with work and help enhance my creativity.”

Jonathan Broncks avatar. Jonathan Broncks

“The diversity of projects is wonderful, and the feedback has been tremendous – such fun! It’s opened up an incredible new sideline stream of revenue that I never would have thought possible, not in a million years.”

Kristen Hagopian avatar. Kristen Hagopian

“Over my 18-year-career as a voice-over talent in Mexico, I have never found so much professional help and so many job opportunities as I have in 6 months with Voices.”

Antonio Raluy Zierold avatar. Antonio Raluy

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