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At Voices.com, voice-over talent from all over the world are able to make their career goals a reality. From industry veterans to talented newcomers, everyone has a story to tell.

Christy Fabbri

Christy Fabbri

Christy fell in love with acting in high school, and even more in love with voice acting while puppeteering and doing voices in a children’s television show. Today, Christy has voiced projects for brands such as Starbucks, Downy, Kellogg’s and Coca-Cola. She loves that she can be a full-time mom and voice actor all from home.

Spencer Cannon

Spencer’s journey as a voice over artist began with a fierce passion for video games and animation, and a big love for sound. He lends a youthful and energetic tone to projects in virtually every industry.

Rachael Sparrow

From TV commercials to children’s books, Rachael’s fun and conversational tone has narrated projects for some of the world’s biggest brands, including PetSmart, Xfinity, Yahoo! Finance and Hubspot.

John Kubin

John has voiced thousands of projects, including commercials, video games, and movie trailers. His young and reverent tone is often sought out by tech companies, college campuses, and athletic brands.

Joy Shaw

Joy Shaw

Joy Shaw has turned her fresh, professional voice into a thriving voice over career, working on projects for such household names as Coca-Cola, Adobe, Leapfrog, and Farmers Insurance.

Lisa Luck

Lisa Luck

Lisa Luck’s voice is similar to her personality; fresh, breezy, and naturally charismatic. She is often the voice for projects that require anything from the “girl-next-door” to a “corporate professional” sound, to a unique sound requirement for niche industries, such as themeparks, gameshows, and toys.

Shane Morris

Shane Morris’ voice is deep and distinctive. You can hear him on everything from documentaries, movie trailers, and television and radio spots to eLearning and video games.

Rich Fields

Rich Fields

Rich is an Emmy award-winning meteorologist and known celebrity, often recognized for his role as the voice of The Price is Right. Rich’s familiar voice has also been heard on everything from Extra to Hellman’s and Cadillac commercials. He has also voiced trailers for Universal Pictures and was a voice in Disney’s Bolt.

Maya Tuttle

With a furious work ethic, a commitment to client satisfaction, and a range that includes everything from youthful and conversational to the professional and authoritative, Maya has voiced projects for the likes of Lego, Sam’s Club, Purina, Xerox, Walmart, and more.

Billy Dougan

William “Billy” Dougan has been a professional voice-over talent since 2011 and a Voices.com member since 2013. Born and raised in the San Francisco North Bay Area, Billy is a versatile American English actor who has done voice work for brands like McDonalds, Google, and Porsche, and is the current voice of Lending Club’s national television commercials.

Toby Ricketts

Toby Ricketts

Something a little bit different about Toby’s services is that he offers professional voice services in 4 different accents; British, New Zealand, Australian, and American. This allows him to work across multiple diverse markets, giving Toby much more reach than if he didn’t work online.

Dean Wendt

Award-winning international Voice Artist Dean Wendt has been described as the next new voice. Dean has completed quite a bit of national work with Voices.com, and he is heard in stores around the globe as the voice of AT&T. With over 20 years experience in the industry, his clients include, ABC, Seaworld, Taco Bell, Mattel, and so many more.

Jamie Hill

Conversational, sweet and sassy, soothing, or authoritative, Jamie has a fresh, engaging sound. Jamie has been the voice for such brands as Nike, Microsoft, Mastercard, Aveeno, the Hard Rock Cafe, and Toyota.

Eric Wibbelsmann

Eric Wibbelsmann is a voice over actor, musician, and visual artist based in California. A voice over actor of more than nine years, Eric has worked with such brands as Toyota, State Farm, and American Express.

Sara Delgado

“Every client has a unique magic to them and I am fortunate to lend my voice to such a wide variety of brands, challenging myself to find new voices within me.”

Priscilla Hagen

Priscilla Hagen

Priscilla’s voice is friendly, conversational, and warm. As a five star-rated talent, Priscilla has spent the last twenty-five years working as a professional actor, voice actor, and professor of theatre.

Brett Olsen

Recording from his home studio in a small city called Grande Prairie in Alberta, Canada, Brett often flies out for his onscreen work. Some of his top clients include YouTube, Google, A&W, and Budweiser.

Kabir Singh

A voice actor, poet, and philosopher, LA-based Kabir Singh is touted as the voice of Millennials. With his cool, urban, college sound, Kabir has been able to lend his voice to projects for the likes of Nike, Intel, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Foot Locker, Google, and Pepsi.

Allyson Briggs

Allyson Briggs

Since joining Voices.com in 2013, Allyson has been able to become a full time voice over artist. She auditions consistently and has booked over 130 jobs, working with many internationally recognized brands, including American Airlines, Samsung, Tropicana, and GE.

Jon Carter

Jon Carter

Jon worked for various radio stations while attending college and went off to pursue the career full time for thirteen years after graduating. He gained invaluable experience in radio broadcasting, which soon led him to the exciting field of voice over.

What Our Voice Talent Say

“I may be recording a serious corporate voice-over one moment, and then an exaggerated cartoon character the next.”

Richard Mann, London, UK

“One of my big goals was to be a character in a video game which ended up being my second booking and I now have three game characters under my belt.”

Janna Polzin, Toronto, ON, CA

“[Voices.com offers] the tools, opportunity, and support to be successful. Now I work from home doing what I love and I am still part of an amazing team of professionals.”

Carly Kraemer, Rapid City, SD, US

“I am 71 years old and having the time of my life doing something I never even dreamed of being a possibility.”

Burt Clemons, Sacramento, CA, US

“I have so much fun cold reading scripts from around the world, expanding my range, trying new dialects, and brushing up on old characters.”

Adam Riley, Vancouver, BC, CA

“As a pro athlete and filmmaker, I’ve always been inspired by movement, from movement of the human body to movement of images; Kinetic storytelling is what motivates me. Of late, though, I’ve come to really understand and harness the power of voice.”

Andia Winslow, New York, NY, US

Teaming up with Voices.com was a smart move for me. The volume and variety of auditions that come to me fill my days with work and help enhance my creativity.
Jonathan Broncks

I’ve now been set loose on the local voice-over scene in my city, but Voices.com is still a place where clients reach out to me, and I couldn’t be more thankful!
Marissa Lenti

With Voices.com, I have had the opportunity to voice a variety of projects. I appreciate being evaluated by the clients based purely on my voice, not because of other subjective things that can inhibit actors in this industry.
Monik Vincent

The diversity of projects is wonderful, and the feedback has been tremendous – such fun! It’s opened up an incredible new sideline stream of revenue that I never would have thought possible, not in a million years.
Kristen Hagopian

Voices.com keeps me on my toes. Not knowing what might come in, and then shaping an audition pretty darn quick, has developed a discipline that’s an asset whatever I do.
— Howard Ellison

Over my 18-year-career as a voice-over talent in Mexico, I have never found so much professional help and so many job opportunities as I have in 6 months with Voices.com.
Antonio Raluy

[Thank you,] Voices.com for kick-starting my career in a way I could never have done on my own and giving me the confidence, experience and tools to get me to where I am now.
Leonora Haig

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