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Looking for award‑worthy voice over? Hire a trusted voice actor quickly and easily, keeping your creative project on budget, on time, and stress‑free. Find voice talent with the right language, style, or accent to bring your projects to life.

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Look beyond your local or existing networks and tap into our global community of professional freelance voice actors, whenever you need. With thousands of trusted voice actors at your fingertips, you have the flexibility to scale your creative teams on your terms, project‑by‑project.

Quality Voice Audio that Exceeds Expectations

Impress your audiences with award‑worthy audio quality from professional freelance voice actors. Once you’ve posted your job, you’ll receive custom responses from talent we’ve either matched to your job, or you’ve invited personally, showing you the quality you’re getting before you make a hiring decision.

Stay On Budget with Total Budget Control

Post your job, receive custom responses from professional freelance voice actors, all for free. When posting, you can select a fixed budget or a range that you’d like talent to quote within, and you only pay when you hire. Your payment is held safely via SurePay™ until the job is done and you’re satisfied.

Never Miss a Deadline Again

Turn your creative projects around in less time than ever. Our easy‑to‑use and purpose‑built marketplace makes posting a job and receiving custom auditions happen in a manner of minutes. Make same‑day or next‑day hiring decisions and receive your final files within hours.

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Three easy ways to find the right voice over actor for your creative project.

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Post your job for free in minutes and let VoiceMatch invite the voice actors best suited for your project. Receive high-quality auditions, compare quotes and hire.

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Browse through our extensive library of talent package to find a package that suits your needs. Compare prices and timeline and hire instantly.

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Get Customized Service

Our Managed Services Team can manage your complex projects from start to finish. We’re fully equipped to take care of talent sourcing, NDAs, translation and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Voice over rates vary based on the type of project and its usage. Voices offers a Rates page that can help you determine your voice over budget based on project size, location, usage, and audience

The length of time it takes a voice actor to record a voice over depends on their average words per minute, plus any additional time required for audio production. Calculate your words to time conversion for an estimated run time of the final audio.

It’s actually more common to price voice over per minute or hour. The average speaking speed is 150 words per minute, so that speaking speed will determine how much each word will cost. Another factor that goes into the cost of voice over is the usage and whether it’s a broadcast or non-broadcast project. Voices provides a standard rate sheet that can help you price out your voice over project.

The cost to hire a voice actor depends on your project. You can post your job for free and set a budget that fits your needs. Talent will quote based on your budget and you choose the best one by listening to or reading their custom responses. When you’re ready you’ll see exactly what it will cost before you click hire, no surprises.

Need to calculate your cost? Use our voice over pricing calculator to get an instant estimate.

Hiring a professional voice actor will enhance your project's sound and emotional impact. When you work with an experienced voice actor, your audience will truly feel your message, you'll make a good first impression with the most articulate and resonant vocal performance, and you'll have a collaborator on your script.

Start by creating your free account and filling in a job posting. Include information about your project, the type of voice actor you'd like, and a small portion of your script for voice actors to use in their auditions for you. Our proprietary VoiceMatch™ algorithm will then work behind the scenes to invite the best-suited talent from our global talent pool. Once you hear the right voice for your project, simply click 'Hire.' If you're unsure of cost, learn how to price your voice over project