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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Narration is voice over that is used to deliver information or to tell a story to the audience. It is often used in audiobooks, documentaries, and internet videos.

    A good narrator keeps an audience engaged, even over long periods of time. Look for a narrator who not only fits your creative direction, but who is also articulate, conversational, and understands the importance of timing.

    A narrator is used to tell a story or deliver context and information.

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    All About Narrators

    If you are searching for a narrator to give your project a professional edge, you've come to the right place. Whether you need an audiobook narrator to bring the pages of your book to life, a narrator to guide learners through elearning content, or a narrator to bring an extra layer of context to a documentary film, these voice over professionals are just what you need.

    Narrators voice a broad range of projects including podcasts, medical shows, museum tours, and more. A narrator's goal isn't to sell a product, but to deliver a message and provide context to video and other media through the power of voice. Narrators can be used in almost any voice over application to inform, entertain, and keep audiences dialed in for hours at a time. These voice actors are not only experts at telling a story, but they imbue a sense of trustworthiness and familiarity with their confident, yet conversational tone.

    Voice over plays an integral role in influencing emotion. After all, the human voice carries meaning and intent in every spoken word, making it one of the most effective ways to communicate. Narration rarely takes a backseat in video production, advertising, or when used in any other media. In many cases, voice is used to drive home the message, to persuade or engage, or to drive the audience to action. For instance, a political documentary narrator harnesses the emotive power of their voice to not only inform viewers and provide necessary context, but to also inspire the audience to think differently and take action where they can. An audiobook narrator, on the other hand, may use warm and conversational vocal qualities intended to keep listeners hanging on to every word, fostering a connection that spans over the course of the entire audiobook.

    Narration is more than a voice reading words off a page. A narrator's ability to deliver a conversational read that sounds effortless is an acquired skill honed through countless hours in the studio voicing an array of narration projects, from explainer videos to presentations and everything in between. As successful narrators, these professional voice actors know how to break down a script to deliver a performance that captivates their audience using pacing, emotion, and tone to get the message across in a digestible format that audiences can relate to.

    When it comes to hiring a narrator for your project, you'll want to consider the run time or wordcount of your project to ensure you work with a voice over professional who is best suited for the task. For example, while audiobook narration and documentary narration both require a skilled narrator capable of delivering a compelling read, their needs can be quite different. Compared to a documentary film, an audiobook project requires much longer hours in the studio — meaning stamina and consistency in reads over a long period of time, even over weeks or months, is critical. Because narration projects do tend to vary so widely, many narrators often choose to focus on a niche, and will tag their demos accordingly. By using the search feature on Voices, you can listen to demos that fit what you're looking for, so you can find the right experienced narrator for your project in no time.

    Not only is it important to hire a narrator who is experienced in the style of narration your project requires, but it is important to consider how the narrator fits the project itself. For example, a deadpan or overly animated style of read would not be well suited for a project like an audiobook or long form elearning content that requires a listener's attention for hours at a time. Instead, opt for a narrator who is articulate, warm, and authentic in style or who best fits your creative direction.

    No matter the type of narration your project requires, you can find what you're looking for on Voices. Browse our narrator's voice over demos to find the right sound for your project and get started today.