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  • September10

    5:00pm to 8:00pm

    Davidson Recording Studio, 1173 Dundas St. East, Toronto, ON


    $199 + HST


    About the Coach

    Kids Audition and Character Workshop with Sunday Muse

    This workshop is for those kids who want to begin or strengthen their voice over careers. Each child will get a real hands-on audition workout on the mic. Great Big Voices has customized a process which addresses each child’s needs and skill level, so they can freely express their voices and let go of their self-consciousness. Workshops are located in a professional recording studio with a maximum of 10 kids, ages 8 – 12yrs. Children younger than 8 with exceptional reading skills also welcome.

    This Workshop Covers:
    - Audition Preparation, creating memorable audition reads, script breakdowns, mock auditions, walla
    – What holds you back from booking, and working through your blocks
    – Ensemble work (listening to others and staying in character during a recording session)

    As a bonus, students will receive a full CD recording of the workshop

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    September - DecemberEvery Thursday

    6:30pm to 9:30pm

    Cleopatra Dr., Ottawa, ON



    About the Coach

    Become a Voice Actor!

    You hear voice actors on radio and television commercials, on documentaries, over telephone systems, in movies, video games and on the Internet. Have you ever thought that you could do it too? But, how do you start?

    This workshop will teach you everything you need to know to get started, including: the right attitude, all the tools you need, and how to market yourself. Taught by voice over professional Shelley Cohen, who has more than 35 years of experience and is the IVR voice of major financial institutions, credit card companies, and a major telecommunications provider (plus a diversity of other businesses!). This workshop will take place every Thursday starting September 6, 2018 until December 6, 2018.

    ‘Becoming a Voice Actor’ is a 14-week process where you will learn:
    - To analyze and read scripts straight or in character
    - The A-B-C’s of voice acting
    - In- studio and audition expectations
    - Proper breathing techniques
    - To speak on supported breath to minimize vocal cord damage
    - To use a microphone properly
    - Studio and business terminology
    - The business side (with industry guest speakers) to market yourself

    Each participant will practice reading a variety of scripts in-studio each week and receive a professionally recorded voice file at the end of the course.

    Please note: Upon registration, a 50% deposit, baseline voice read, and questionnaire is required.

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