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    If you’re searching for voice actors based in New York, there’s no better place to find top voice over talent online than the Voices marketplace. When you search for talent on Voices, you can easily filter and search by country, state, and city to quickly find New York voice actors.

    You can also post a job for free describing what you are looking for, and even specify regional New York accents, and we’ll connect you with the talent we think would be a great fit based on your requirements.

    If you’re not yet ready to post and hire for a job, you can add talent you like to a Favorites list for later (you can even create a list solely for New York voice actors).

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    Find Professional Voice Over Actors Near New York

    New York City is world-class and is home to some of the best talent in the entertainment industry. You will find incredible diversity when you hire voice actors throughout Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs. Many people feature authentic accents and unique dialects from specific neighborhoods, other parts of the United States, and other regions of the world.

    When you hire professionals from Voices, you will receive the best talent and style geared specifically to your project’s unique needs. All voice acting opportunities are featured by accent, experience, availability, style, and other important criteria to make your search for talent easy and successful.

    All About Voice Over Actors Near New York City

    As one of the most diverse cities in the world, you will discover a wealth of incredible voice actors looking for new opportunities in the entertainment industry. Every individual features a unique style, accent, and personality in their voice. Whether you are looking for a distinct voice from Brooklyn or East Harlem, you’ll find a wide variety of voice actors and their personalities in the Big Apple.

    Types of Voice Over Actors Near New York City

    New York City’s consistent growth and pool of incredible voice acting talent make it the ideal place to find voice actors for your next project. Whether you’re looking to hire for a podcast, radio ad, series, or film, you’ll find a fantastic variety of voice actors who are willing to work in a studio or remotely.

    What to Consider When Hiring a Voice Over Actor Near New York City

    Before hiring a voice actor, determine what type of accent, personality, and style you need for your project. The right person could be determined by their location and accent, their type of voice, or the role they will play in your program.

    There are plenty of skilled voice actors in and around NYC, and Voices makes it easy to connect with them quickly and risk-free. Sign up for your free account and post your voice over job today!