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    Finding and hiring voice actors from Seattle is easy with Voices, the #1 voice over marketplace.

    If you’re looking for voice actors specifically based in Seattle, use the Voices search to filter by keyword or city. Invite talent to a job right from the search or add them to your Favorites list for later.

    Additionally, when you post a job for free, you can specify that you’re looking for Seattle voice actors.

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    Find Professional Voice Over Actors Near Seattle

    With a plethora of professional voice talent in Seattle and the surrounding area, it’s easy to find top-notch voice actors in this vibrant and exciting region of the United States.

    This cosmopolitan and world-famous city has diverse voice talent in a variety of genres. No matter what kind of project you’re working on, you will find a Seattle voice actor that fits the bill using Voices.

    A Seattle accent is more versatile than accents from other areas of the United States. It is distinctive, yet it is not as far from the average American accent as some others. This means work from a Seattle voice over artist will be more versatile when using it for ads throughout the United States, not just targeted to Seattle and its region.

    Research shows customers buy from voices that sound like their own. If you have a market in the Pacific Northwest, hiring a voice actor with a Seattle accent is ideal. Browse through the voice actors available and listen to their demos to find the one that best suits your project.

    All About Voice Over Actors Near Seattle

    Seattle has thriving creative and entertainment industries. If you need a professional voice actor based in or near Seattle, that should be easy enough to achieve.

    Like other big cities and metropolitan areas in the United States, Seattle has a wide range of different neighborhoods and locales, each with its own character and unique features. As such, there are voice over artists all over the city of Seattle and the surrounding area who embody those characteristics.

    Are you creating an ad or other voice product to target a specific area of the Seattle area? Look for a voice actor that lives in that area. This is the perfect way to make consumers believe your product or service was made for them.

    Whether you need a professional voice over artist for a radio ad, a promotional video, television, an audiobook, or any other purpose, there are freelancers in the Seattle area who fit the bill!

    Types of Voice Over Actors Near Seattle

    There are voice actors in and near Seattle with experience in all kinds of voice over work. You can effortlessly listen to samples and browse voice artist profiles on Voices’ online marketplace.

    From there, put together a shortlist of candidates who fit your project. Once you’ve decided, it is incredibly simple and easy to hire the voice artist you prefer. Freelance voice over artists on the Voices platform often have professional set-ups in their homes, ensuring high-quality sound and professionalism.

    What to Consider When Hiring a Voice Over Actor Near Seattle

    Are you producing an ad or feature for television? Look for a voice artist with experience in that medium. Are you creating an online video? There are plenty of freelancers with that specific experience on the Voices platform. Why wait to hire your Seattle voice actor? Find and hire the perfect voice actor by posting your job today!