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See how Voices connects producers, marketers, instructors and educators at companies big and small to the perfect freelance creative talent for their projects.

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Watch how talent on Voices get connected to the best jobs for their skillset

Complete Profile, Upload Demos

Create a free, search-optimized Voices profile to showcase the voice over categories you offer. Upload unlimited demos of your best work to demonstrate to clients what you're capable of.

Attract the right clients by uploading high-quality demos.

Build trust with clients by uploading a high-resolution profile photo.

Learn More About Creating Demos

Create Packages, Audition for Jobs

When you upgrade to a Premium membership, there are two key paths to book work on Voices. You’ll automatically be invited to audition for jobs that fit your profile and you can create packages that clients can browse and buy, removing the effort of responding to jobs and letting the orders come to you.

Get matched to jobs that best suit your skills and audition for those that most interest you.

Create packages for the voice over categories you perform best in to do more of the work you love.

How to Use the Voices Platform

Get Hired, Do the Work

Whether a client has hired you through a posted job or purchased your project, you manage all aspects of your work. You sign off on project details before you start, chat directly with the client via private messaging, manage revisions, and upload files.

Stay on top of all of your work with ease.

Receive ratings, reviews, and compliments for a job well done.

Beginner’s Guide to Voice Acting

Get Paid, Guaranteed

Never chase down payment again with SurePay™, our payment protection service. While you work, your payment is held safely by Voices and released automatically to you via PayPal once the work is done. We even cover the PayPal fees for you.

Easily track payment statuses so you know exactly when you'll be paid.

Request and receive additional payments for new client requests or out-of-scope revisions.

Getting Paid

Join a Community of Successful Voice Actors

We’ve connected hundreds of thousands of voice actors to clients, and their projects, at companies big and small all over the world.

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Create your profile and upload demos in minutes to access over 42,000 companies looking to hire for more than 5,000 jobs each month.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Voices Guest membership offers everything you need to get started on Voices. 

You have the ability to:

  • Create a profile
  • Upload demos and portfolio samples 
  • Get privately invited to jobs
  • Talk to clients via our secure messaging platform
  • Earn ratings and reviews
  • Waive PayPal fees 

You will have access to our SurePay™ payment protection service providing you peace of mind knowing that your payment is safely held. 

With a zero dollar entry fee, Voices Guest is a risk free way to get started on the platform. 
To respond to jobs and create packages, you will need to upgrade to a Premium account. Learn more about the memberships we offer to talent.

We pride ourselves on offering competitive rates and we do our best to make sure our clients are posting fair prices for your work. 

You can either quote yourself an hour rate or you can do a lump sum for a project. Broadcast pricing can get a bit more complicated as it is based on usage, not words. We encourage you to check out our rate guide to make sure you are quoting within industry standards. You can earn by responding to job postings, having a competitive profile, and by creating packages for clients to buy. Each method provides a unique way for you to leverage your voice acting abilities in the way that works best for you.

Your profile is how you present yourself to clients on Voices. It is both your online portfolio and your professional resume. Use it as your opportunity to show clients why they should hire you for their voice over work. It will show:

  • Your description of yourself and your work
  • Your demos
  • Your ratings and reviews
  • Vocal characteristic
  • Description of your studio

We recommend you make your profile personable but professional. Show some personality and snips of what you can do. Clear headshots are strongly encouraged.

If you’re interested in more tips on how to get started, we recommend you read How to Become a Successful Voice Actor and check out the resource center

Packages provide you with an additional income stream that removes the back-and-forth with clients. List once and have clients come to you over and over. 

To list a packages you must have a Premium membership. You can post an unlimited number of packages by navigating to the Me dropdown, under Manage Packages. From there, click the Create Package button at the top right of the page and follow the instructions. 

You will have the ability to create tiers of work, different usage levels and/or add-ons. Packages allows you to make projects completely your own.

Before building your packages, we strongly recommend that you review our Guide to Creating Packages for a more in-depth description of how to create a package and for helpful tips to make your package stand out.

Our SurePay™ system ensures that you are paid in a timely manner. To protect both talent and clients, Voices requires clients to pay for work upfront and then holds the payment until the job has been completed. Once the job is done, the client can release funds but, in case they forget, the funds will be automatically released from SurePay™ 14 days after the job has been completed. This means that you could be paid as soon as the job is done but it provides you with security knowing you will be paid within a maximum of two weeks. 

Getting started on Voices is completely free!

A Guest membership gives you all the tools you need to get started. It is free and provides the ability to create a profile, upload demos, and get privately invited to jobs. 

A Premium membership is available at a cost and will help you stand out more by giving you the opportunity to be matched to jobs that suit your skills and audition for those that most interest you as well as the chance to create packages that clients can buy directly from you.

More information on the membership levels can be found here.