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See how Voices connects producers, marketers, instructors and educators at companies big and small to the perfect freelance creative talent for their projects.

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Create Profile, Upload Samples

Creating a Voices profile is always free and allows you to showcase all the voice over, audio production, music, and translation skills you can offer. Uploading samples of your best work allows you to show up in client searches and show them what you’re capable of.

Host all of your creative voice over, audio production, music, and translation samples for free.

Showcase your education, past project work history, client list, and testimonials.

Voices’ job posting form, with Audio, Music, Translation, and Voice Over listed as service options.

Reply to Jobs

Receive private invitations from clients who find your profile while searching the Voices marketplace. Each job invite comes with a description of what the client wants and their budget. Submit your response with a custom or existing sample, a brief proposal, and your quote, all in a matter of minutes.

Personalize your pitch and show the client why you’re the best person for the job.

Upgrade to Voices Premium to automatically receive invites to jobs that match your skill.

A list of responses that talent submitted to the posted job.

Get Hired, Do the Work

Use our purpose-built and intuitive platform to manage all aspects of the project, including reviewing and agreeing to project details before you start, chatting directly with the client via private messaging, managing revisions, and uploading files.

Stay on top of all of your in-flight projects with ease.

Receive ratings, reviews, and compliments for a job well done.

A list of final files submitted for the posted job, with a notification saying “File Downloaded!”

Get Paid, Guaranteed

Never chase down payment again with SurePay™, our free payment protection service. While you work, your pay is held safely by Voices and released automatically to you via PayPal once the work is done. We even pay the PayPal fees for you.

Request and receive additional payments for additional client requests or revisions.

Easily track payment statuses and know exactly when you’ll get paid.

Your Creative, Your Pay

Learn more about making money on the Voices marketplace.

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We’ve connected hundreds of thousands of musicians, voice over artists, audio producers, and translators to clients, and their projects, at companies big and small all over the world.

“Voices not only has an excellent technological side, they also have very responsive and proactive staff. I have been very impressed by the range of support videos and other resources.”

Mary H.

“Voices has been the best of any other sites by far. I get at least ten opportunities per day that actually match my abilities. They also provide rapid feedback for queries and plenty of additional content to help your business grow.”

Jen I.

“Since I’ve become a Voices talent, my career has experienced tremendous growth. Working on projects for incredibly diverse markets and being guided by a professional team is priceless.”

Peter L.

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