Company Terms and Policies Product Review Guidelines

Product Review Guidelines reviews products and services for the benefit of our customers and community of readers, listeners and viewers.

We Do

  • Actual Use: Our reviews are rooted in first-hand experience with the product. We believe that genuine insights can only be gleaned from real-world usage, not just from specs and manufacturer claims.
  • Time Spent: We spend adequate time with each product to truly understand its functionality, durability, and user experience, ensuring our reviews aren’t just first impressions.
  • Physical Examination: We commit to physically testing and examining the product. From unboxing to usage, we experience the entire product journey as any consumer would.
  • Real-World Testing: Beyond lab environments, our products are tested in real-world situations to provide reviews that reflect daily, practical use.
  • Complete Transparency: In cases where products are provided by manufacturers for review, this will be clearly stated. However, it in no way guarantees a positive review.
  • Balanced Views: We believe every product has its strengths and weaknesses. Our reviews will always offer a balanced perspective, highlighting both pros and cons.
  • Comparative Analysis: Where possible, we may compare products to their peers in the market, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of where a product stands in its category.

We Do Not

  • No Commercial Content: We do not publish commercial content. They are aimed at informing readers, not promoting a product. We do not accept sponsorships in any form.
  • No Paid Reviews: We do not accept payment or incentives in exchange for positive reviews. Our reviews are honest reflections of our experience with the product.
  • No External Influence: Our reviewers remain uninfluenced by manufacturers, retailers, or any external entities. They operate independently to provide unfiltered opinions.
  • No Ads: We do not accept advertisements in the form of banner ads or placements in any form whatsoever.

We Commit to Staying Current

  • Regular Updates: In the fast-evolving world of products, what was once the best can quickly become outdated. We commit to revisiting and updating our reviews, especially for products in rapidly changing sectors.
  • New Versions & Models: When newer versions or models of a product are released, we aim to review them, ensuring our readers always have the most current information at their fingertips.

Product Reviews

Whether it’s a news article, opinion piece, video segment, or podcast, we uphold our product review standards across all formats and platforms. Our products include:

  • Blog
  • Vox Talk Podcast
  • Voice Over Experts
  • Mission Audition
  • Voice Branding
  • YouTube Channel

Our Safeguards

All editorial staff undergo regular training sessions to ensure they are up-to-date with these guidelines and the principles of ethical journalism.

  • In addition to training, all content goes through a rigorous editorial review process to ensure compliance with these Product Review Guidelines and the Editorial Guidelines.

By adhering to these principles, our aim is to provide readers with reviews that are both informative and trustworthy. Your confidence in our reviews is paramount, and we pledge to maintain and nurture this trust with transparency, honesty, and rigorous testing.