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Copy Points

The specific benefits of a product or service, placed throughout the script by the copywriter.

Over Scale

Any amount paid over the minimum wage set by SAG-AFTRA.


Automated Dialogue Replacement in a film. A process where actors replace dialogue in a film or video. A typical ADR session involves not only the reco...

PayPal Fee Calculator

Very helpful for calculating PayPal fees. /

Eye-brain-mouth coordination

What every good voice actor has to have. It is the ability to lift the words off a page effortlessly, without omitting, adding or stumbling.


A rough version of a TV spot, usually with storyboard images set to music and voice-over, for client presentation of a concept.

Scale plus 10

Refers to the extra 10% paid to the actors agent on a job.


This dubbing is the process of dialogue replacement in a foreign film, as in dubbing a French voice into English.

Air Check

A recorded portion of a radio program for demonstration purposes.


A person or group of people who represent talent and bring them into their facility to audition, or arrange for an actor to audition for casting direc...


Clear enunciation.


A commercial or non-commercial message. Also referred to as a spot.


The role assigned to a voice-actor that usually has non-character copy. Abbreviated as ANN or ANNC on scripts.

Ad Lib

A spontaneous spoken addition or alteration to a written script.


The continuous SFX behind voice-over suggesting the monologue or dialogue in a specific setting, like a hospital, restaurant, retail store, gas statio...


A drawn out or excessive S sound during speech. Some sibilance is joined with a whistle. This is a very annoying sound, which some engineers mitigat...

Fish-bowl Effect

When the actor in the booth cannot hear what the engineer or producer is saying, or vice-versa.


The old way of processing and recording sound on tape.

Back Bed

The instrumental end of a jingle, usually reserved for location, phone numbers, legal disclaimers, or any other information the advertiser needs to ad...


A demonstration of an actor's voice talent. A 3-D calling card, representing the actor when they cannot be present physically. Also, a format used by ...

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