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Voices is Your Source for Audiobook Voice Over Jobs

Audiobooks are skyrocketing in popularity with the rising interest in audio content, and there’s no shortage of publishers and audiobook production companies looking for high-quality voice actors. Publishers aren’t the only ones looking for talent; authors are often also seeking to market their own audiobooks and need to work with voice actors.

Why Is Audiobook Narration Important?

With print and digital books, well-written words are enough to share information or to create magnificent worlds inside the reader’s mind. But with audiobooks, the voice actor can make the difference between an engaging audiobook and a lackluster listening experience. This is what audiobook narration entails: it brings a story to life and can create the mood, making the listener feel like they’re in the story itself.

Audiobook narration jobs differ depending on the audiobook genre. A captivating thriller might need a chilling yet razor-sharp voice, while a history audiobook may require a voice that’s calm and trustworthy.

If you’re on the lookout for audiobook voice acting jobs, Voices is full of projects that offer new opportunities to make your voice a staple in the audiobook business.

Skills a Voice Actor Needs to Land Audiobook Narration Jobs

A voice actor needs to be able to deliver a consistent performance over a long period of time, while also bringing the narrative and characters to life. Exceptional acting skills are essential. You may be acting as a protagonist running for your life, delivering your lines in a way that conveys nervousness and being out of breath, or perhaps you will have to perform as the antagonist, delivering a performance that makes the listener’s blood run cold.

To make your talent shine, you should get to know the book in preparation for your recording sessions. Read to understand the plot, the characters, and what the book is about.

Some projects will hire a single voice actor for the entire audiobook, while others will require an entire cast. Projects that include a cast of characters and voice actors are great opportunities to use and develop your character voices.

Are There Job Opportunities in the Audiobook Industry?

In 2019, the global audiobook market size was $2.67 billion, and it jumped to $3.26 billion in 2020. So yes, there are plenty of audiobook narration jobs out there. Best of all, you don’t need to spend your time hunting for these jobs. You can find job opportunities right here on Voices.

You can find many popular publishers searching for the right talent on Voices. Both established and up-and-coming writers require audiobook narration across a variety of genres and the reach of these audiobooks is vast. Everywhere, from the U.S. to Japan, people are enjoying audiobooks while traveling or enjoying the coziness of a couch.

Why Look for Audiobook Narration Jobs on Voices?

Besides offering a plethora of job opportunities, Voices is a great way to diversify your voice acting income streams. While you’re working on one gig, you can look for another and ensure the wheel keeps rolling.

Everywhere you look, the audiobook business is booming! Within this multi-billion dollar business, publishers and companies worldwide seek diverse voices to provide audiobook narration in multiple languages. If you love reading and can sustain a consistent read or even voice multiple characters, this line of work may be for you. Land the voice over job of your dreams. Become an audiobook narrator. Sign up today and start responding to audiobook voice over jobs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Audiobook narration is a lengthy process, so voice actors working in this niche need the ability to keep a consistent delivery for the duration of the recording. Being able to do character voices is also an asset. 

Audiobook voice acting jobs can be found on sites like Voices, through publishers, and through publishing services like Amazon and Audible. 

Audiobooks pay $200-$300 per finished hour. Therefore, you can make up to $3,000, depending on the length of the audiobook.

Audiobook narration is a time commitment and can require hours of editing. Voice actors considering audiobook narration should be able to portray multiple characters. 

The length of time it takes to record an audiobook varies, but the standard audiobook run time is about 11 hours of finished audio. It takes about double that time to record the narration, so it would take about 22 hours to record the narration of a standard audiobook.