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Cartoon Characters

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Voice Over • Animation


I did all the cartoon character voices.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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Bruce Wayne, I mean, Bat wayne Batman. What? I wouldn't give to be alone. I've got most of the Justice League here at the manor. With that in the bat cave. You think there'd be enough space, but I can't shake the flash no matter where I'm at it. Zoom. Look at this man. Have you seen this, Tiktok? It's a me Mario. I hope you're excited for end of the year. Classic characters conference called, Let Me Tell You, it was great that Peach couldn't go anywhere during quarantine, so she wasn't getting kidnapped, cowabunga dude, Mikey from the ninja turtles here. Is that why the murder hornets disappeared? Oh, that's rough dude, We're bored over here too. We've explored every tunnel in new york city of a jillion times over. Once you've seen one, sir replied, you've seen them all. Not if we buy them all up first. Same to you, bro, Mikey, over and now