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A collection of TV-style narrations featuring warm, inviting, casual, uplifting and gritty tones

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Here's how another SciFi story helped pave the way for the moon landing in French SciFi pioneer Jules Verne's 18 65 novel From the Earth to the Moon. Members of a gun club want to shoot a crude projectile from a cannon to the moon, because why not? Verne attempted to do the actual math and work out what it would take to launch a vehicle to the moon. As it turned out, he was surprisingly accurate With the development of spaceflight. Public interest in space science reached new heights by the 19 sixties, inspiring future engineers and SciFi creators alike. Previously on finding Escobar's millions in the hills near Santa Domingo, Jerry and Chris are traveling with informant Marcos to Finca Las Flores, a location where millions are reported to be buried by Pablo Escobar's cousin, Gustavo Gaviria. But digging in this long contested region comes with inherent risk. Gustavo Gaviria was a major player in the Medellin cartel, and as the cartel gained power in the Antioquia region, those players bought up massive amounts of property, often his fingers, sprawling tracts of land that ensured privacy. Early surveyors who came to Southern California discovered a huge desert Valley nearly 200 miles long, it was hot and inhospitable, forcing most to leave shortly after they arrived. One of those early surveyors was a man named Charles Rockwood, who saw great potential in bringing water to the valley in Irrigating It, which in 18 95 was just a huge swath of dry desert land. Rock Woods Dream was to build a canal that started at the Colorado River, then ran south into Mexico and back up into California. But in the financial panic of 18 93 the Colorado irrigation company he worked for went bankrupt 30 miles off the coast of Massachusetts. There's an island utopia that has been acclaimed the best island in the world, an island that somehow manages to keep its old World charm its beauty, its secluded beaches, quaint shops, historic homes and beautiful harbor. Over half of the island is conservation land, and much of this historic island is untouched and exists as it did decades ago. Welcome to Nantucket and welcome toe living masters