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The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel (Audiobook)

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A sample from 'The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel: The Lost Stories Collection' by Michael Scott

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English (Irish)

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Young Adult (18-35)


England - Received Pronunciation (RP, BBC)


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I am marathoner. You and I am death. I am called the Destroyer of Worlds. I have had other names, many other names, and once, when I was still fully human, I was known by a human fi name. But that was a long time ago, and no one has called me by that name in millennia. Look at me now and it would be hard to put an age on me. My age is no longer measured. In decades or even centuries, I have lost count of the number of years I have moved across this earth and through the adjacent shadow realms, I have travelled to places where time does not exist or flows according to different rules. In some myths, I am known as the ancient of days Aeons ago, I made a bargain with a monster who had once been beautiful. He gifted me with the ability to move at will along the time streams, though perhaps it is not so much a gift as a curse. But it allowed me to see what was what is and what might be. I realised that the future was never fixed. It was constantly in flux, fashioned and shaped by events in the present, I discovered that a single action could change the future of the world. I have seen things that were never meant for human eyes. I have travelled far into the future to that time when the sun has grown huge and red. And the creatures that walk the Earth, though descended from man, are unrecognisable. I have followed the time streams back into the past to the time before time when the rulers of the glittering empires which stretched across the globe were serpentine and monstrous and the humanity little more than food and slaves to them. I have gone beyond this world and walked the shadow realms those places of myth created by creatures of legend. Every shadow realm is different, each one unique, all of them wondrous and terrifying. And while some are paradise is far too many are deadly. And I should know for I have created my own shadow realms and destroyed them also when I grew bored of them and I fought the creatures in the shadows, the ancient rulers of the earth had been defeated but not destroyed. They lurked in the dark places and plotted, and because they were ageless. They conceived plans that took generations to come to fruition. In time, I came to understand that my role was not to only protect the humanity from these creatures that threaten their very existence, but also to record the stories of those who stood with the humanity against the Earth Lords. Ancients are cons and dark elders. Some of their names and adventures have passed into the myths and legends of every nation to many of the stories, however, have been forgotten. Now the human. I believe that the Isle of Danu Talis, which they call Atlantis, never existed. They believe that the great flood which swept across the world 10,000 and more years ago, never happened and that there were never giants on the Earth and Thunderbirds in the skies. But at the heart of every legend, there is a grain of truth. Travelling through time allowed me to see that history is made and remade in the tiniest of moments in the most obscure places. And it is true that I sometimes nudged events in certain directions. I ensured that Nicholas and Parallel Flamel received the Codex at the correct time that Machiavelli would encounter Eugene Vidocq in Paris during the terror, and that Sophie and Josh would be in San Francisco that fateful summer to discover the truth about the bookseller and his wife. I learned to place trusted agents on significant shadow realms in the hope the belief that their very presence would alter the history not only of that realm but of all the world's attached to it. Two of my most trusted agents, where the shadow twins, FIFA and Scar.