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2000 years ago, a mysterious and little known people ruled the northern coast of Peru. They built huge pyramids in the desert, comparable in size to the Great Pyramids in Egypt. They were called Mo. Okay. At its heart is a deadly new phenomenon, one that until very recently scientists refused to believe, even existed. But it may already have led to the starvation of millions. Welcome to the first episode of the Amazing Travel. In this episode we'll be traveling to New Zealand, chatting it up with some locals, meeting some members of New Zealand's indigenous people for Maori on taking an audio tour of the picturesque landscapes where the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed. Every day, 3000 people, mainly Children, die. For 100 years, science has fought this killer disease had lost. Hope is that by exploring this alien world, we will get closer to answering that great scientific mystery. The origin of life. Tonight Horizon follows this fantastic voyage across the solar system to find out how it all began.