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tourism a $1.4 billion a year economic engine for Butler County Ohio. From sports venues to hotels, gas stations to grocery stores, family run restaurants to small businesses. Visitors help. Butler County's communities thrive as a premier midwest destination for leisure, vacations, business travel and sports competitions. Thousands of visitors make their way here each year, supporting over 15,000 Butler County based jobs and offsetting an average of $680 in taxes for each local household, welcoming visitors from around the world is a big job and responsibly growing and promoting. Butler County's travel economy is impactful work, from hosting championship sporting events to booking conventions and motor coach tours to telling the travelers about Butler County's favorite places to explore travel. Butler County's dedicated staff reach millions of people each year by sharing local stories and inviting others to discover new adventures. We believe in the power of travel. We strive to craft, explore and share experiences for all we believe in Butler County. Come experience it with us.