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Children Audiobooks Little Red by Andrea Rizzo

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Children story telling audio telling the story of Little Red Riding Hood by Andrea Rizzo.

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Hi there, little bug. It's Andy, welcome to the storybook. Do you like reading? Great Me too. Today. We are going to read. Little Red Riding Hood, Are you ready? Let's start. Once upon a time. There was a young girl called Little Red Riding Hood one day. Her mother said, granny is ill, please go and see her. You can take her this basket of food. Granny lived in a house in the woods. So Little Red Riding Hood took the basket of food. She went into the woods to see her granny. Little Red Riding Hood saw some flowers in the woods. I will pick some flowers for granny, she said. Little Red Riding Hood stopped to pick the flowers, and then she met a wolf. The wolf was hungry. He wanted to eat. Little Red Riding Hood. What are you doing in the woods? He said sweetly. Little red Riding hood said, I'm going to see my granny. She lives in a house in the woods, the bad wolf said to himself, I will go to granny's house and eat her. So the wolf run to granny's house. When the wolf got to granny's house he ate her in one gulp. The wolf put on granny's clothes and got into her bed. Little red riding hood got to granny's house. She knocked on the door. Coming. Come in! Said the wolf. Hello, said Little Red Riding Hood. Little red went up to the bed. What big eyes you have, she said. So the wolf said sweetly. All the better to see you with. But what big ears you have! She said. So the wolf said very sweetly. All the better to hear you with. The little Red Riding Hood said, yes, but what big teeth you have! And the wolf said very, very sweetly, all the better to eat you with. And then the wolf jumped out of bed. I'm going to eat you, said the wolf. So Little Red Riding Hood cried. Help! Help! But the wolf ate her in one gulp. A woodcutter was in the woods. He heard little Red riding Hood, and so he ran to help the woodcutter cut open the wolf's tummy granny and little red riding Hood jumped out. They were very happy. Thank you woodcutter, thank you very much, Granny was very happy to see little Red Riding Hood, and they enjoyed the basket of food together with the woodcutter. The end. Thank you so much for listening to this week's story. Don't forget to check out the craft inspired by the story of Little Red Riding Hood. See you all next time. Bye bye.