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it's one of the most profound mysteries in the natural world. An amazing transcontinental odyssey. The migration each year of millions of monarch butterflies from Canada across America to Mexico. Starting from a tiny caterpillar blossoming into a beautiful butterfly. These delicate creatures will fly thousands of miles in a feat of endurance and navigation unlike anything else in nature. They're on their way to a remote area high in the Mexican mountains and they get there every year at exactly the same time on a late august morning, just north of Lake Huron in Canada, a miracle of nature is about to unfold. This tiny caterpillar is destined to become a monarch butterfly In one of the most amazing transformations in the animal world. The Caterpillar will outgrow and shed its skin four times The fifth time the caterpillar disappears, it's transformed into a Chrysalis, a delicate case within which a completely new being takes form after about 10 days in the Chrysalis, the new creature is complete. All traces of the caterpillar are gone and in its place is a butterfly with four delicate wings. But the newly developed monarch butterfly must wait a few hours for its wings to harden and then finally it can fly this particular generation of monarch butterflies is special. Every year. About 100 million of them begin an astonishing migration coming from southern Canada and the northeastern United States. Each butterfly, starting on its own flies about 2000 miles arriving two months later in Mexico