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Fairy Tale (in English)

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Young Adult (18-35)


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the little host Mermaid. Greatest pleasure was to listen to her grandmother tell tales of the human world above. The most wonderful thing of all, she thought, was that up above, flowers were scented for at the bottom of the sea. They had no smell at all. Oh, and she loved to hear that fish flying among the trees sang beautifully. The fish, of course, were really little birds, but the grandmother called them fish because otherwise the more girls wouldn't have understood. When you're 15 years old, said the grandmother to them, you will each be allowed to rise about of the sea, sit on Iraq in the moonlight and watch big ships selling. By. Then, you will see human men and women as well as forests and cities. Oh, she would think, I cannot wait. But of course she had to. Grandmother. Human beings don't drown. Ask the Little Mermaid. Can there live forever? No, said her grandmother. They must die, too, though their lives are shorter than ours.