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often referred to as the jewels of the earth. The rain force of Costa Rica are among the most magnificent in the world. More than 1/4 of the nation's land has been set aside as national parks, wildlife refuges and special nature preserves to protect many of the country's tropical and cloud rainforests. The's rain floors are also home to an astounding 500,000 different species off plants, trees and animals, 300,000 of which are insects alone. This number represents almost 4% of the total number of species worldwide. It also marks Costa Rica as one of 20 nations in the world with the highest biodiversity. The biodiversity oven area refers How diverse the plant and animal life is. Part of the reason of this can be traced to history. Scientists believe that between three and five million years ago, a bridge existed between Costa Rica and the land that is now modern day Panama. This bridge connected North and South America, allowing different plants and animals to mix. The end result has been the creation of some of the most diverse on a fascinating landscapes in the world