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Young Adult (18-35)


British, England - North West (Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire), England - Received Pronunciation (RP, BBC), England - Yorkshire & Humber


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the Avenue del Portugal is one of Portugal's most historic streets. The Portuguese are rightly proud of its architectural significance and aesthetic qualities, which is fine. But the people of Wigan are just as proud of the Gallery Shopping Centre, a two pack of Chicago town deep dish pizzas, just £1 each, 650 grand bags of mini chicken. Phillips barbecue hot and spicy or original, just 99 pence. That's half price sees. The autumn leaves are falling. Soon snow will be on the ground, and here's an interesting item to get your head around. It's kind of like a sleeper that you put around your shoe, and there's lots of tiny little spikes to keep you standing true, I suppose it's like a snow chain that you put around your wheel. See, the thing is, how do I put this? Um, I just don't like football or rugby or cricket. So when I see a pub telling me that they have sport events on the large screen TVs, I'll take a huge swirl anywhere in the world. Full board, half board, making sure the kids are not board on your own with a friend with a partner with the rugby team. We're in business to make sure you get exactly the holiday you want. Mitchell's travel agency on a con streets right in the heart of Lincoln, Keeping feet used to be a chore. For me, going to the gym was akin to walking down the high street naked. Most of them didn't need to work out great. Whereas I was breathless after walking over to the machines. Then Stevo mentioned a place that he goes to. He swore blind. It was nothing like that. And he's right, Yeah.