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Poem by Kiara Whittle

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This is a sample voiceover of a poem by Kiara Whittle

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Young Adult (18-35)


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I bet she will be pretty, they say, at her court, I wonder what this means. So I ask pretty what pretty bold, Pretty bright, pretty wise, loud and brave. Ah They just mean her face and they hope she will behave. But I hope my daughter doesn't do as she's told. As long as she's safe. I hope my daughter is bold. She questions the world she fights as she will stand. She knows she has power as great as any man. She's sporty or creative. She has so much to say. She's kind and inquisitive and changes the world each day when she becomes a teen, I know the world will seem tight with a small box to feel and then she will be right. I hope she knows her beauty doesn't come from face that being a woman doesn't mean knowing your place and I hope she's happy and she fights for her choice. I hope that my daughter always uses her voice.