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It's amazing the way our mind recalls mental pictures based on just sounds. Think how vivid our memories become with actual pictures of those special moments. Two ways to get Cooler. Terry Queen, the legendary peanut buster parfait and Banana Split, now on sale for only a dollar. 69. It's his bid. I can't get comfortable. The first National Bank of anything ham has now become Citizens Bank. And did you know that together these two banks air truly better? They had to be taught to do blood tests, learn food groups and even a shot. Hold it, hold it. Let's get a bit more specific. Could I have the map? Please come toe HAC in the home of Mexican flavor. Hacienda serves great tasting food in a fun fiesta atmosphere. Breathe not a word to the abbot, but I printed the tour book for the Town and country New Home Tour My CO V, a town in country. I can't spell that they're in your thank Theo sweetly